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iOS 14 reveals details of the iPhone 9 and the new iPad Pro

The new update of iOS 14 hints at some details of the impending iPhone 9, as well as the next iPad Pro and there are also news for Apple TV.

The code of this update has been leaked and the source of this news has had access to it. In iOS version 14 you can see clear details about the new iPhone model, better known as iPhone SE 2 or iPhone 9.

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We already said about this mobile that will bring Touch ID , and the iOS 14 code corroborates it. Another thing that remains of everything that has been leaked so far from Apple's new cheap iPhone, is that will launch in spring and be compatible with iOS 14. Otherwise, the code will not speak of this device.

The leak of the iOS 14 code, also lets us see that the new iPad Pro have triple camera as it was announced a few weeks ago. We will have a wide angle lens, another ultra wide angle and the telephoto lens, or telephoto.

Continuing with the iPad Pro, not only will you have those 3 sensors, but you will also have a ToF sensor, also known as a 3D flight time sensor.

With this, what is achieved is to offer new characteristics for augmented reality. It is not the main function of this sensor, since the ToF is used to estimate distances between bodies, but as reported from the source of this news, Apple could be preparing a augmented reality app ahead of the launch of iOS 14.

Now we go with Apple TV. This device is not far behind, and according to the leak of the iOS 14 code, Apple TV could even go as far as Give exercise directions and connect to Apple Watch.

To all this, a tracking device is added. From Apple, the name of Apple AirTags. It would be a kind of keychain and using GPS, we can locate where it is at any time.

It is very likely that it can be tracked from the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. What remains in the air is whether it will be a free service, or It will have an extra cost apart from the cost of the device itself.

The AirTags are known play a sound to make searching easier, which will have a replaceable battery, is configured using iOS 14 and that the latest iPhone models will allow tracking of AirTags using augmented reality.

Without a doubt iOS 14 It arrives with force, and that there are still several months until it is officially presented. To start opening, we already know which phones, and iPads, would be compatible with this version of the operating system.

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