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Instagram Stories: hide them for certain people

Instagram is one of the most used social networks. Instagram Stories have become a fundamental part of the social network of photos. In future updates, Instagram will introduce in the Stories the possibility of hiding them from certain people in particular.

The Instagram Stories are photos and videos that after being published, they have 24 hours of life before being automatically deleted. Let's remember that Snapchat was the first social network that was based on this fact of photos and videos that were automatically deleted after 24 hours of their publication.

Beyond the filters, Instagram has integrated into the Stories a multitude of elements As countdown, share locations, put music, gifs Jane Manchung Wong is a well-known filter that through her Twitter account shows different future news that will reach the social network of photos.

Wong has released the new feature in which Instagram will be working. It will consist of the possibility of hide a specific Stories a certain number of users. Unlike the possibility that we currently have, such as hiding all Stories from users.

Image - Instagram Stories: hide them for certain people

In this way, we could choose who to hide the content in a timely manner and without the need of suspecting whether or not we have hidden the Stories. It is a functionality that returns to Instagram after years since its elimination, because when Instagram launched the Stories, there was the possibility of using a sticker to hide the Stories from certain people in particular.

But as we say, shortly after the photo social network decided to delete it and until now, they would not be working to make this function come to stay in a new way and perhaps it is somewhat more integrated in the social network than originally.

Instagram add a mirror mode in the Stories chamber

What do you think of the function? Do you think it is useful to hide the Stories in particular according to who?