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iMessage in iOS 14 get loaded with news


Apple is testing some features internally for its native Messages messaging app for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. According to the information that they handle from Macrumors, these functions could arrive in iOS 14 … but there is nothing confirmed, so they could be delayed until future software updates. We may never even see it launch.

In this article we are going to talk about these new Messaging features for iOS 14 and on how they will work. And we already anticipate that there are very interesting news that you will love if you usually use the Apple messenger app regularly.

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New iMessage features for iPhone and iPad in iOS 14

First of all, there is a new mentions system that will allow users to mention their contacts with their names such as @Sara or @Luis. By typing the “@” sign, a list of suggested contacts appears. An especially useful function in chat groups.

Another novelty of Messages will be the message removal after sending them. It is not known if there will be a time limit to delete messages.

They could also reach the write indicators to chat groups, mark the last message of a conversation as unread, and status updates.

Last year, Steve Troughton-Smith discovered some evidence that Apple was working on a new version for its Messages application in the macOS Catalina system code.

"There is a lot of evidence in Catalina that they are working on a new Catalyst version of Messages, much like Shortcuts for Mac. So, like Shortcuts, I have decided to do it myself with the system frameworks. Voil. ”