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iFixit eviscerates the Galaxy S20 Ultra and says it is very difficult to repair

galaxy s20 ultra is difficult to repair ifixit

As many will know, iFixit is an American company that sells mobile parts and tools to repair them. But, It also creates very complete and educational manuals on its website., in which they explain step by step how to disarm a team.

Another interesting aspect of this company is that after the analysis they rate how easy or difficult it is to repair the mobile. In this case, the new Galaxy S20 Ultra has got a pretty low grade But not everything is bad, there are also other details that you should know.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra is disassembled step by step

Being a mobile with the latest technology has its downside, and that is that the S20 Ultra is a very complex piece of technology, with very delicate components. Especially in the rear camera game, where you are a prism next to the optical stabilizer, in a sliding box full of Zoom lenses, in which the image bounces until it reaches the sensor. This solution is what enables the powerful hybrid zoom of the S20 Ultra. Something wonderful but very delicate and difficult to repair or even to replace.

If you want to see how they gut this mobile, You can see the video that iFixit has shared on its website.

How difficult is it to repair the Galaxy S20 Ultra according to iFixit?

ifixit repair samsung galaxy 20 ultra is very difficult disassembled

After an extensive and very complete review of all the physical components of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, iFixit rated it 3 out of 10, which means that it is very difficult to repair. They came to several conclusions and this is the highlight:

The most complicated thing when repairing the Galaxy S20 Ultra

ifixit repair samsung galaxy 20 ultra it is very difficult to disassemble screen

  • Before opening it, you have to be very careful with the glass cover, it is very fragile and could break easily. This takes a long time and you still risk breaking it.
  • Although for a long time replacing the Samsung battery is difficult, with this mobile it is even more. It is glued and, in addition, you must be very careful with the connection cables.
  • Repairing the screen means completely disarm the mobile or replace half of it. This is very bad, considering that broken screens are the most common among accidents.

Easiest when repairing Galaxy S20 Ultra

ifixit repairing samsung galaxy 20 ultra is very difficult

As we have already mentioned, not everything is bad, there are also positive things when disassembling the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra:

  • Does not require many special tools, all screws are Phillips. This simplifies the repair process.
  • Many of the components are modular, so they can be replaced independently. However, the absence of the headphone jack means that you must be especially careful with the USB-C port.

Despite the Galaxy S20 Ultra's low score, Would you still be willing to buy this mobile?This is something important to take into account, since we are talking about a 1400 euro mobile, so if an accident occurs, repairing it could be very expensive.

Source | iFixit