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How to unlock the phone if we have forgotten the PIN


With as many passwords as there are right now not only on mobile phones, but on computers, cards, web accesses, etc. It is normal that we ever forget any of them. Well, today we are going to tell you how to unlock the mobile if we have forgotten the PIN or the unlock key.

It is true that the time to enter the PIN code is not too frequent nowadays, since we tend to have the mobile phone always on, but it can happen and at that moment we have to throw from memory, since it is not convenient (as some people) carry a paper in the case with this code, since if it is stolen we are giving the main one to the thieves, information to access your mobile.

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The PIN code should be easy to remember

It is convenient at all times to put a PIN code that we remember easily, so that we do not forget and we can put it at the moment we turn on the smartphone and ask us for such a code.

It is also not good for the security of our mobile phone to put a PIN code such as 1234, 1111, 0000 or the like since, if your terminal falls into unsuitable hands, it is evident that these will be the main codes that they will enter to achieve you enter your phone.

If you have a PIN code that is too easy and you want to change it, you only have to follow these steps if you have a phone Android:

  1. Let's go to Adjustments and then to Security and location.
  2. So we click on SIM card lock.
  3. On the next screen we give Change SIM card PIN.
  4. So ask us first Current PIN and then ask us for the new PIN code.

Image - How to unlock the mobile if we have forgotten the PIN

If you have a iPhone The way to change the PIN code is done as follows:

  1. We are going to Adjustments and then to Mobile data.
  2. On the next screen we click on SIM PIN.
  3. Now in Change PIN.
  4. Then you will have to put the Current PINgive to To accept and then write the New pin you want to put.

Image - How to unlock the mobile if we have forgotten the PIN

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We have forgotten the PIN

If there still comes a time when you have forgotten the PIN, we have to resort to the papers that came to you when you hired your phone service where the PUK code is signed. This code can also be consulted on the web or in the app of your mobile service operator.

To get to PUK code we must put the PIN code 3 times wrong. Once we have reached these 3 attempts, the terminal itself requests the PUK and that is when we must enter it so that it allows us to establish a new PIN code, which we recommend you write down somewhere safe.

We can also establish a new PIN code using the keyboard (we also need to know the PUK code), putting the following: ** 05 * PUK * newPIN * newPIN #

Obviously where it puts PUK we replace it with the corresponding code and where it puts new PIN we place the PIN that we want to use from now on.

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