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How to train Chop in GTA V with your smartphone

GTA Android

If you were asked about one of our favorite video games, that would undoubtedly be Grand Theft Auto V. The game developed by Rockstar Games is one of the best-selling titles in history and despite the years it has been on the market, it is not difficult to find it at the moment in the first positions of the best sellers.

The reasons for its success are many. Not only is it a fairly well-known saga with many years and titles behind it, but also the mix of genres (action, shooting, cars), its great history and the total freedom it gives the player make it an outstanding game. GTA V also introduced an interesting feature that allows us to use our mobile to interact with one of the most beloved characters in the game., even with our console turned off. Do you want to know more?

Train Chop with your Android smartphone

Chop is a Rottweiler dog owned by one of the game's protagonists. In addition to being a faithful and loyal companion, there will be some missions that will allow us to control this dog. In addition to this, we can also play ball with him and even get him to pass. Although Chop is not immortal, since he can die by being run over or in shootings. But calm down! Because if this happens, Chop will reappear in our house although somewhat sad. Luckily this will have a solution thanks to our mobile phone.

iFruit is an app that allows you to interact with our GTA V game. On the one hand, we can create and customize the car of our dreams thanks to this tool, although what we are interested in is the minigame called Chop the Dog. The more we play this fun mini-game, the happier our dear dog friend will be and therefore more fierce and dangerous to our enemies. Feeding him, giving him a drink, playing with him, throwing a stick … there are not a few activities that iFruit allows us to do.

Chop is Franklin's canine companion in Grand Theft Auto V. If you take good care of him with the “Chop the Dog” app, you will reap the rewards when you play as Franklin in Grand Theft Auto V. Feed him, feed him and give him a drink, play with throwing a stick at him and playing rope game and tricks. But too much or too little activity will make Chop unhappy, and nobody likes an angry rottweiler.

If you take proper care of Chop, it will be reflected in his behavior in Grand Theft Auto V in different ways:

  • Help and obey Franklin more.
  • Perform tricks such as sitting, pleading or screwing up if you have trained him correctly in the application.
  • Sniff the nearest hidden objects when the player takes him for a walk.
  • Earn enough credits with walks and care, and exchange them for new necklaces for Chop.

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Our friends and colleagues from Alfa Beta Juega have already analyzed the app and told us what was the best way to have Chop at the maximum level of happiness. So if any of you just bought the game and you want man's best friend to always be happy, we advise you to read this article.

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