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How to tag people by faces in Google Photos

It is an option that has really been installed in the application for a long time, although it had a more automated job in which the gallery detected that person's name and classified them by albums. The problem came when, for whatever reason, the app did not recognize that face, and therefore, it remained unclassified.

Google Photos

Google Photos

What is not known so much is from the possibility to do it manually, to file on your site corresponding to the people who accompany us in the photographs. And if you have to share that album through a social network, the best thing is that those tags are well assigned.

Be careful with privacy

There is a bit of controversy among users of the app, since it is considered that this facial recognition tagging can breach of personal privacy. Everything is that if the photograph circulates on the internet, there will be a direct relationship between the name and the face of the person.

However, without going crazy, it is a great tool to keep our albums organized for the future. For this, it only requires a simple step, although we must say that this function is not available in all countries.

How to manually tag in Google Photos

First, we open the Google Photos app, and then click on the three bars icon, located in the upper left. Once the menu is displayed, we go down to Settings, and then we go to Group similar faces. When we enter, an option called Grouping by faces appears, although it is surely disabled if we have never done this before. Well, we activate that box, we exit the app and then we wait a few minutes for the changes to take effect.

Now, the app must group all the images by people and synchronize them with the cloud, which is not done in 2 minutes. We wait for a while and then, we access the window that we had reached in the previous time, to click on Choose the option No face labeled as me. Finally, we select our face and click on Accept. Voil, the checkbox will be activated Help your contacts recognize your face.