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How to set a volume limit on iPhone

Listening to music at high volume can make your adrenaline rush when you're at the gym or when you go out, as your favorite songs fill your head. But doing this regularly has been shown to cause hearing damage that can be permanent.

There is an easy way to overcome this temptation, as the iOS system provides a setting for the maximum volume of an iPhone. In this article we show you the simple way to be kind to your ears, or to those of your sons or daughters.

Protecting boys and girls using iPhone

It is very common for boys and girls to listen to their music or their favorite television shows at full volume. We all have, but now with smart devices like the iPhone it is possible to prevent this from being harmful behavior. You will need to have access to your device to adjust the volume, but we recommend doing so, as your ears will thank you in the long run.

Another option is to buy a set of specific headphones for children and girls, as not only are they designed to fit smaller heads, but most have the added advantage of limiting output levels to avoid damaging the hearing of little ones.

Our current favorite is the JLab Audio JBuddies It costs around 20 euros on Amazon Spain.

How to set maximum volume on iPhone

To limit the volume of your iPhone through the headphones, you just have to carry out the following steps.

On your device, open Settings> Music> Volume limit and you will see a slider that represents the maximum volume, which at this point is probably completely to the right.

Now, you can move the slider to choose your own preferred limit or use the EU Volume Limit control below that ensures any output doesn't exceed 85 decibels.

It is also worth activating the sound check function if you are an Apple Music user, since it acts similar to a studio compressor, making the quietest songs louder and lowering the louder ones so that they are all at the same time. same level.

This prevents you from turning up the volume for a song that can barely be heard, then getting muffled when the next one takes effect.

To find the control, go to Settings> Music> Soundcheck and turn it on.