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How to see the MotoGP Grand Prix of Spain at the Jerez Circuit

This year's World Motorcycle Championship has had to be delayed by a month due to the coronavirus outbreak, after the Qatar Grand Prix was canceled. For now it seems that four Four races in Spanish territory are not in danger.

The first will be the first weekend of May at the Circuito de Jerez. This Spanish Grand Prix can be a very good opportunity for one of the ten Spanish drivers. Marc Mrquez and Jorge Lorenzo already know what it is to win a MotoGP race in the city of Cádiz.

If you could not get a ticket to go see the training sessions and the final race to Jerez, don't worry. You will see that it is not so difficult to follow the Spanish Grand Prix on television or on streaming. We include some free option.

When and where the MotoGP Spanish Grand Prix is ​​played

The MotoGP Grand Prix of Spain will be held once again at the Circuito de Jerez in Jerez de la Frontera, in the province of Cdiz. It will take place next Sunday, May 3 from 2:00 p.m.

The two days leading up to the big race, the usual training sessions will take place. Specifically, the next Friday 1 and the morning of Saturday May 2 will be held free practice. The ones that define the grill are the same Saturday at noon.

Lastly, before the expected Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP races, all the riders will participate in warm-up sessions, which will be finally followed by the Moto3 championship at 11:00 and Moto2 at 12:20.

How to watch the MotoGP Spanish Grand Prix on television

After Movistar + lost the rights to broadcast the Motorcycling World Championship, the next MotoGP Grand Prix of Spain can be seen exclusively by DAZN.

That means you won't be able to watch it on TV unless you connect your smartphone, tablet or laptop to your television. You can do it easily with an HDMI cable or a dongle Google Chromecast.

How to watch the MotoGP Spanish Grand Prix in streaming

As we said, and unlike the Formula 1 championship, MotoGP races can only be seen if you have a subscription to DAZN. For 9.99 a month or 99.99 a year, you can enjoy all the races in streaming.

In case you don't want to pay to watch the MotoGP Spanish Grand Prix, you can use a channel aggregator, but in this case you willWe recommend having a VPN network like NordVPN installed to protect your anonymity.

How to see the MotoGP Grand Prix of Spain from Latin America

If, for whatever reason, you are in Latin America that weekend and want to follow the MotoGP race live, we advise you to use one of these two methods: DAZN platform or channel aggregator.

In both cases it is important that you remember install a VPN on your device, either to remove geographic barriers or to protect your privacy. Especially if you use an aggregator, it is recommended that you also install a antivirus.

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