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How to see the battery percentage on your iPhone 11: 5 ways to do it

iPhone battery

Although the latest iPhone models can boast great autonomy, there is no doubt that one of the most intense concerns of users throughout the day revolves around the battery that is left in their smartphones. Apple made a decision on iPhone with Face ID: there will no longer be a chance that the remaining battery percentage would always appear on the top bar of the iPhone, something that happens on iPhone with Touch ID.

If you have one of the new iPhone, you may know that there is some other way to know the exact percentage of battery that is left in your device, or maybe not. Whatever user you are, today we bring you up to 5 different ways to know the percentage of battery you have left on the iPhone.

Know the exact percentage of battery of your iPhone in 5 different ways

The notch left the top area out of space and the battery percentage on new iPhones is now hidden, however you can still find it and these are all the ways to do it.

From the Control Center

This is the best-known way for everyone to check the percentage of battery remaining in your iPhone. When you lower the iPhone Control Center the battery percentage will appear next to the top right battery icon. To activate the Control Center you just have to swipe down from the upper right corner.

control center

From a widget

Widgets arrived long ago on iOS and right now we have several places from where we can consult them. On the lock screen we just have to slide to the right and appear a widget page, and this page will also appear making this same gesture from the home screen or from the Notification Center.

On this page with widgets we can include one that includes the battery percentage What is left for our iPhone, and that will also show that of other devices such as Apple Watch or AirPods if they have them. To activate it, just follow these steps:

  • On the lock screen swipe right to view the widget page.
  • Now we go down to the bottom and click on Edit.
  • We look in battery widget and click on the "+".
  • Appear at the top, you can move it to your liking clicking on the three stripes on the right.

edit widgets

Just ask Siri

As is often the case, there are times when the easiest way to make any adjustments is to ask Siri directly. The Apple Assistant is smarter than you think and just by saying: Hey Siri, how much battery do I have left?, very kindly the assistant will answer the exact percentage of battery of your device.

With a shortcut on the home screen

The Shortcuts application that came along with iOS 12 allows us to perform and automate many tasks at the touch of a button. The possibilities are many, you can create a shortcut that activates low power mode if the battery is less than a certain percentage, for example.

To create this shortcut you just have to follow these steps:

  • Enter the app Shortcuts and click on the + button and Add action.
  • Type "Battery level" and click on it.
  • Now click on the +, type notification and click on Show notification.
  • Press where it says Hello, world! and then in Battery level.
  • Now tap on Next and then put a name on it.

battery shortcut