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How to repair Apple products with the Apple Store closed by COVID-19

As we reported days ago, since last Saturday, March 14, Apple has decided to close its Apple Store stores around the world except for those present in China in order to guarantee the safety of its employees and users against the coronavirus (COVID- 19).

In this way, all physical stores are initially closed until March 27, as stated in the company's official statement in which CEO Tim Cook stresses that it is the most effective way to minimize the risk of transmission of the virus.

In this way, and taking into account that many people have found themselves in the need to telework from home, many of you may be wondering how and where to repair, in these circumstances, an iPhone, iPad or Mac in case of failure.

First of all, we must tell you that the closure of all Apple stores spread around the world (except for those in China) does not affect the store on-line of each country, so that anyone who wants to acquire new equipment can buy them through the Internet.

Apple will also continue to offer technical support virtually and over the phone. However, there are many doubts that arise when it comes to knowing how to repair an equipment as soon as possible, or how to follow up on a product under repair.

Below, we clarify the different situations in which you may be affected.

Find a nearby authorized repair center

Your closest Apple Store may be closed. As you know, Apple currently has eleven stores Apple Store scattered throughout the Spanish geography, but probably some other officially authorized repair store can repair your Apple device.

To get started, visit the link and select Service and Support. The web will guide you through a series of options and you will be able to select the product that needs repair and what is wrong.

From here, the system will show you the locations of local Apple-authorized repair centers that will be able to get the job done always using the company's official components and parts.

Call or chat with the technical service

It is also possible that the problem you have with your iPhone, iPad or Mac is related to the software or operating system, so you don't have to replace anything hardware. If so, you can probably solve the problem by phone or chat session.

In this case, start by visiting the page of Support and repair Apple, where you will have to choose the option to Start a repair request. As before, you will have to choose the product you need help with and a category of the problem.

Apple will provide you with a phone number to call, or a support chat on-line to be able to answer the questions that the technical service asks you. If they determine that your device needs physical repair, they will instruct you to send your device for repair.

Send your device to repair

If, as is currently happening due to the situation of the coronavirus COVID-19, you cannot go to an Apple Store because it is closed, you can request the shipment of the equipment to Apple for repair.

Start with a call or technical support session via chat, as we have previously discussed. Once the repair technician determines that your device needs repair, arrange everything to proceed with shipping.