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How to make money easily in Gears POP!

How to make money easily Gears POP

Microsoft launched in 2019 an interesting crossover between mythical and popular Gears of War saga, and the striking Funko POP! dolls, an idea that has not gone wrong among Android users, because is one of the most downloaded games in recent months.

If you were not aware of the existence of this title, or you never paid much attention to it, we can tell you in a very brief way that Gears POP! is a fun, engaging strategy game Y Tender thanks to the characterization of their big-headed characters. On the other hand, if interest has woken you up and you want to try it, you can download the Gears POP APK for free.

Trouble making money on Gears POP?

Make money quickly Gears POP

If you're having trouble getting earn money inside Gears POP!Don't worry, there is an alternative way to advance in the game getting money without putting a single penny out of your pocket.

As you will surely know, if you have played at least a couple of hours, Gears POP! to progress is playing and just playing, although All that playing time can be shortened if we spend real money. Although this is not a trick, nor is it something that nobody knows, it is necessary to differentiate the way it is played.

How to quickly earn money on Gears POP?

Earn money easily Gears POP

Access the menu of Versus Games And playing without stopping is something that will leave us coins without any problem, although for this to work we must obtain victory. Fortunately, there are other methods that can be carried out to make money in a simpler way and fast inside Gears POP !. These methods are the ones we mention below:

  • Create a team or be part of one already created.
  • Participate in team matches.

In order to earn money more quickly by doing one of the two methods mentioned above, it is necessary to know in depth the game mechanics. Otherwise, wins will be very few and you won't end up making too much money.

Follow these tips to be able to obtain victories in that type of games, as well as earn money:

  • Manage energy as best you can.
  • Study all the functions of the cards that you have in your possession.
  • Use the grenades to defend yourself or to create some kind of distraction.
  • Take advantage of all double energy streaks to be able to dominate on the battlefield.

If you follow all those tips that we mentioned earlier, you can make money 40 or 50% faster than playing ordinary games.

Last but not least, we recommend you enter the link where we will show you more tricks to be the best in Gears POP !, they will surely come as a finger ring.