Cómo vincular Mi Home con Google Home y Assistant en Xiaomi

How to link Mi Home with Google Home and Assistant on Xiaomi

How to link Mi Home with Google Home and Assistant on Xiaomi

First of all, it is necessary that you have the Mi Home app installed on your Xiaomi mobile phone (it is also compatible with any other Android and iPhone mobile phone). In addition, you must have the devices linked in the app. Many of them are compatible with Google Assistant, but older ones are not supported, so you cannot use them with Google Home. Among the Xiaomi devices compatible with Google Home we find the Yeelight smart bulbs and Mi Smart Bulb, Mi Home camera, Xiaomi smart lamps, sensors etc.

After checking that all devices are paired, download the Google Home app from the Play Store. Is free. If you have a Google Home or Home Mini in your house, you already have to have it installed on your phone. In the app, press the ‘+’ button that appears in the upper left area. Then click where it says ‘Configure Device’.

Link the Mi Home app with Google Assistant

Two options will appear here. The first allows us to configure a smart device that integrates the Google Assistant or that is fully compatible. This option is used to sync Google Home or Nest devices. The option that interests us is the second, since it links the intelligent services that we already have activatedsuch as third party smart bulbs. Or in this case, the Mi Home devices.

When we click on the second option, a list will appear with all the compatible services. Click on the search button and type ‘My Home’. The application will appear in the list. Click on it and log in to your Xiaomi account. It is very important that you log in with the same account that you have in the app, since if not, the devices will not synchronize. After logging in, the app will confirm the data and link your account with the Assistant.

Afterwards, all the smart devices you have on My Hom will appearand. Select those that you want to link with Google Home and Assistant. You will also be asked to confirm the address. This is very important, since in case you want to create routines you will need the address to be the same as the other devices. Finally, the devices will be paired and you can now use My Home with Google Assistant.


I can’t link My Home to Google Home

It is possible that some errors appear when linking the application with the Assistant. The most common is to see that My Home does not appear in Google Home. To fix it, uninstall the Google Home app and install it. Do the same with the Mi Home app (don’t worry, you won’t have to sync the accessories again). Check for updates available on Google Play for both apps. Then repeat the process again. If the app still does not appear in the list, powerful in contact with Xiaomi technical support.

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