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How to limit the screen usage of an Amazon Fire tablet

In all likelihood, you may have an Amazon Fire tablet at home that could be being used by the little ones in the house. After all, they offer great versatility at a surprising price.

If you still do not have one, I encourage you to consult this article where we analyze the best Amazon tablets of 2020. And it is that they are affordable models with a great screen quality, which you can buy from 69.99 in the case of the Fire HD 7.

All of them have installed the FireOS operating system, a version with enormous possibilities of use that, as you know, also has its own app store from which to download any game, application or work tool.

That said, these Amazon Fire also have parental control functions so that parents or supervisors can monitor what their children do with the tablet, as well as being able to set hours of use or limit screen time.

The controls that come by default are frankly impressive, but if you find that they are not enough for what you are looking for, you can always resort to alternatives such as Qustodio.

It is an application that runs on all the devices that your child uses as it is cross-platform, in addition to yours, so that you can block applications in real time, limit the time of use, and ultimately, monitor the use that do on the net.

Unlike Amazon Fire OS controls, multiple time periods can be configured per day, when children can use the device. In the case of having data connectivity, or it is already telephones, it is possible to track the location of your child.

Next, we explain how to create a children's account on an Amazon Fire tablet and then apply restrictions on when your children can use the tablet, limit on the use of applications or screen lock, something common and extensible to all models.

Of course, this is not a substitute for proper supervision: You should always talk to your child about how they should use devices, communicate with friends, or limit usage time in order to prevent them from becoming hooked on technology.

How to create a children's account on an Amazon Fire tablet

Before limiting the time of screen use, you must create a profile for each child who uses the tablet, since in all probability, the Fire will be shared at home by children of different ages.

If your tablet is brand new, follow the on-screen instructions to set it up until the moment you have to log in with your Amazon account. You will have to do this to download applications, even free ones.

You will also be asked to create a secondary profile as part of the configuration. Fill in your details: name and date of birth. You can also click on Change under your profile picture to make everything visually easier.

In some countries such as the United States, there is the possibility of creating an account with a Fire for Kids Unlimited profile. It is a subscription service that grants access to content, books, movies or educational programs. The first month is free.

This will not be our case since this service is not yet available in Spain. So, we continue with what we really need to activate the parental controls of the tablet.

After several trial offers, Amazon services and directions to download apps and games for free, you'll finally see the home screen.

If you did not set a PIN or password during the initial configuration of the tablet, you must go to Settings> Security and privacy, then press on Access code of the lock screen to enable it and enter the access code of your choice.

To change from one profile to another, simply swipe down from the top of the screen. Swipe down a second time again and tap the person icon to the left of the settings symbol. This opens a list of users.

How to limit screen time on an Amazon Fire tablet

Next, we will show you how you should choose which applications, games, books and other types of content your children can access, but first we show you how you should configure the screen usage time allowed for each profile.

Swipe down from the top of the home screen, and tap Settings. Now click on Parental control and enable restricted access.

Now click on Restricted access hours. Here you can configure when the child cannot use his tablet throughout the day. This is the only area where the controls are a bit basic, since it may be the case that you want to set more than one period and you will not be able to.

There are more controls available if you go into the child's profile (click Profiles and Family Library instead of Parental controls) and then click on the name of each child that appears in the list of profiles.

Tap Set daily goals and time limits to be able to set different periods for the days of the week, or to parameterize weekends.

How to set up Parental Controls on Amazon Kindle Fire

We have a total screen time bar, but you may prefer to use the 'Time per activity' bars (below the total screen time), as they will allow you to control how long your child can use applications or events, such as read books or access the Internet with the browser.

If you wish, you can set educational goals and block videos or games until the child has read for a certain time in the first place. This is also allowed by the tablet, very useful if the tablet is shared by two or more children.

Go to Settings and choose Parental Controls. You'll find the settings by swiping down from the top of the screen when the tablet is unlocked. Look for the icon that looks like a gear.

Within Parental Control you must press the switch where you will be asked to choose a password. Try not to forget it since if you forget it, you will not be able to reset it and the only way to solve it will be to apply the factory configuration settings.

When the password is set, the parental controls are activated and you will see new options on the screen. Near the top is a section titled 'Restrict access for this profile'. Use the instructions above to switch the profile to another child.

You can also restrict purchases in the Amazon Spain Apps store. To activate this option, access your Apps Store application and press Menu> Settings> Parental control. On the next page, you can create a password that will be requested before any in-app purchase.

How do I choose the content available on an Amazon Fire tablet?

You can also choose what each child can access by going to Settings> Profiles and Family Library. And it is possible to allow or not access to the cameras on the tablet or to the gallery of photos stored on the tablet.

We do not recommend relying on these settings and filters to ensure that your child sees only the appropriate content: no system is 100 percent perfect and it is better to monitor what they are seeing, reading, or playing.

Finally, if it turns out that in addition to an Amazon Kindle tablet, you have another iOS or Android model, or you are considering the possible purchase of a new tablet, we suggest reading the article focused on the best tablet for girls and boys.

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