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How to improve the privacy of your Facebook account

privacidad actividad fuera facebook

By now, everyone knows that using Facebook (whether to share news or photos with our closest circle) has a cost, although downloading the app is free. The company charges for the service by selling our information to third parties.

If you use Facebook regularly, that means Mark Zuckerberg's company has a lot of personal information about you to make money with: your name, age, birthday, religion, email, location, hobbies, shopping habits, political ideology

And, obviously, it knows the same about your friends. But also, Facebook not only sells your information, it also uses the information that other companies have to show you ads that may interest you according to your profile.

This information includes information that you have shared, knowing it or not, with other pages that you have visited. It may be simply because you have searched for something on Google or because you have logged in to another website or application with the Facebook app.

Now, the social network has presented a tool called Activity outside Facebook (or Off-Facebook in English) that allows you to control all this. We show you how to use it to improve the privacy of your Facebook account.

What is the Off-Facebook or Off-Facebook Activity tool?

The Activity outside Facebook (or Off-Facebook in English) tool lets you know which companies, websites and apps are sharing your information with Facebook, and thus be able to better manage your privacy.

You should know that, yes, that this tool does not prevent the social network from continuing to use and generate money with your personal information, but it does have to delete the data that it has obtained thanks to third parties (outside of Facebook).

If you do not use this function, Facebook will continue to have access to those applications you open, the times you log in with your Facebook account, what content you access, what products you are looking for and buying, and what donations you make.

On the other hand, if you use it, Facebook will only use the activity within the social network and your ad preferences when it comes to showing you relevant ads, and not all the information that it has collected from other apps and web pages so far.

If you care about your privacy, this tool is a good start, but you should know not to prevent Facebook from receiving information from you in the future as you interact with other companies. The only thing I will do is clear your history.

How to use the Off-Facebook tool or Activity outside Facebook on your smartphone or tablet

one. First of all, log in to your Facebook account in your mobile app.

two. Tap the icon with three horizontal lines that you will see in the lower right corner of the screen. Swipe down to find the section Settings and privacy, followed by Configuration.

3. You will now access all the Facebook configuration options. Swipe down until you find the section Your Facebook information and tap on Activity outside Facebook.