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How to have Windows 7 menu in Windows 10.

After a week or so ago I uploaded a video to the Androidsis YouTube channel in which I taught them how to enable the active corners in the MAC to do different actions in a fast way, I have received a tremendous wave of requests in the that I was asked to share the application with which I have managed to have the Windows 7 menu on my Windows 10.

So many and so many have been the requests that have come to me via Telegram, email and other social networks, that in the end I have decided to create a video in which I explain the simple process of downloading and installing the necessary application or program, as well as to teach them the main styles with which we can transform our menu from Windows 10 to Windows 7 and much, much more.

To begin tell you the very first thing of all, that the application or program that we are going to download to get this menu from Windows 7 in Windows 10, is an Open Source program, that is, open source, and which it's totally free.

A program that even having a lot of configuration options to customize the selected menu, you will not need to be a computer crack to run it and tune the start menu of your Windows 10, replacing it completely with one with which you feel fully comfortable and identified, and that is that it must be recognized that the Windows 10 start menu, for my personal taste is horrifying.

How to have Windows 7 menu in Windows 10

The application or program that I am talking about in the attached video that I have left just at the beginning of this article, is none other than the one known by many users as Classic Shell, an application that in its basic mode just by clicking on a couple of options will allow us change Windows 10 start menu to Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Classic, Windows Aero style to Windows Vista and much but much more.

It also gives us the possibility to change the shape of the start button by the Shell symbol, the classic Start button of those long-awaited versions of Windows, or even put a custom image as the start button.

From this basic mode, we will be allowed to change from the menu style to Windows XP, Windows 7 and other available styles, all of them for free, to select if we want to show everything in a single column or two columns and even select elements to show or hide and what happens when clicking with the mouse.

In total we have 8 different skins or Skins with which to easily tune our Windows 10 start button, completely hiding it to leave behind those horrendous colorful icons that have given us Windows users so much headache.

If you already want to venture further and customize the start menu of your Windows 10 to the maximum, you just have to click on the option of Show all settingsFor now, freak out in colors when we see everything that we are allowed to configure to our liking.

Configuration options that we can touch within Show all configurations

How to have Windows 7 menu in Windows 10

In the image that I have left you just above these lines you can see the number of configuration options that the Classic Shell application allows us to leave the Windows 10 start menu to our liking.