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How to fly infinitely in Garena Free Fire

Although only the developments of Activision and Epic Games have been talked about lately, this game has a large community of players even before new titles arrived in the genre. Its mechanics are similar to the rest, with games of 50 players and the possibility of forming squads, although it is intended that they do not last more than 10 minutes.

How to fly infinitely

It is true that it offers many game possibilities, due among other things for its varied map and the possibility of taking vehicles. As we all know, the game begins with a free fall towards the map, choosing the point where we want to fall, and that is what we are going to deal with today.

Garena Free Fire: Kalahari

Garena Free Fire: Kalahari

Our glider It is a tool that can help us at certain moments of the game, especially for being able to flee from a high place if we are in a bind, but what if we told you that you can fly as long as you want? You would probably say that you had played many hours and you would classify us as crazy, but there really is that possibility, and we are going to tell you how it is achieved.

Use a vehicle

It is true that the glider has not always been present in the game, since it has been implemented for a few months, so it may be that it is still a little explored element until now. If we manage to get hold of one, it will be very easy to deploy the glider, thanks to a previous jump that we will take on the vehicle. Obviously, the more height we take, the better it will be for a more durable flight, although normally we will make a good jump wherever it is.

Due to the variety of the game, jumping from the top of a car is not the same as jumping from a motorcycle, so we must adapt to what we find on the map. In addition, we must be quick to practice this technique, since at any moment we can be surprised by any enemy shot.

Lean on a block of ice

The Gloo WallAs we well know, it is designed to protect us from shots that weaken our lives and generate that cover that allows us to heal or reload the weapon before the enemy arrives. But we can use it for something else, something that has not been used too much by the users of this game.

If we deploy this wall, and no player is not attacking, it is an appropriate time to climb on top of it to take a run and take out the glider. In the end, what interests us is to take a small jump to be able to deploy it, since we cannot get it directly from the ground.

Jump from the Observatory

The Observatory It is one of the busiest places on the Garena Free Fire map, and one of the reasons it is highly visited is the mountain that is right next to it. This place, which is located to the west of the map, offers great visibility of the entire territory.