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How to create a private Minecraft server with a Raspberry Pi

how to create a private minecraft server with a raspberry pi

Do you want to play Minecraft with your own rules, on your own server? Well, with a Raspberry Pi you can do it and here we will show you how. The trick is to configure your Minecraft server on a Raspberry Pi with the help of the free Nukkit program.

That s, curiously, this program will allow you to create a Minecraft server compatible with the game on all platforms (PC, consoles, mobiles and tablets), except on Raspberry Pi. That is, if you play the MinecraftPi version of the game, the server that we will teach you how to create will not serve you. That said, let's see then how to create a private Minecraft server with a Raspberry Pi.

What does it take to create a private Minecraft server?

raspberry pi 4 desktop kit

To create your own private Minecraft server following this tutorial, this is all you will need:

  • Raspberry Pi: It can be anyone, but preferably a Raspberry Pi 3 or later. If you do not have any, it is recommended that you purchase the Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop kit, which includes a case, mouse, keyboard, power adapter and microSD with operating systems. With this kit, which can be purchased on the official Raspberry Pi page, you will have everything you need to follow this tutorial.
  • Ethernet cable– Allow the connection to the server to be more stable than connecting to WiFi.
  • 8GB Micro SD or more.

Keep in mind that, due to the specifications of a Raspberry Pi, the private Minecraft server that you will create cannot support many players. For example, a maximum of Raspberry Pi 3 will allow 10 players to play at the same time on the server. Anyway, now that you know everything you need, let's see how to configure the private Minecraft server.

Steps to create a private Minecraft server with a Raspberry Pi

raspberry pi minecraft

Without further ado, here is the entire procedure you must follow to configure your own Minecraft server.

How to configure a Raspberry Pi to install Minecraft server

Firstly, you will have to make several adjustments to your Raspberry Pi before carrying out the server installation. Follow these steps to do it:

  • If your Raspberry Pi still doesn't have an operating system, run NOOBS from a microSD e install Raspbian.
  • In case your Raspberry Pi already has Raspbian, update it by opening the terminal and executing the following commands:
  • Now open the Raspberry Pi configuration with this command: sudo raspi-config.
  • Thus, you will see a series of advanced options that you must configure as follows so that the Minecraft server runs well:
    • Go to Advanced Options > Memory split to change the default value by 16 MB. This will cause the system to allocate more memory resources to the server.
    • Then go to Boot Options> Desktop / CLI and select Console. This step is not necessary on a Raspberry Pi Lite.
    • Only for Raspberry Pi 1 and 2: look in the main menu for the Overclock option and set it to High. In this way, the performance of the server will be improved, although this configuration is not necessary for the Raspberry Pi 3 and 4.
    • Activate SSH access from Advanced Options> SSH.
    • Finally go to Advanced and choose Expand Filesystem.
  • After making all these changes, click on Finish and restart your Raspberry Pi.
  • When starting, enter the terminal again and this time enter this command: sudo hostname -I.
  • Copy the server IP that you will see on the screen and save it.

How to install a Minecraft server with Nukkit on a Raspberry Pi

raspberry pi android tv configuration

Once you have configured your Raspberry Pi, you can now create the Minecraft server in this way:

  • Install Java by entering the following command in the terminal: sudo apt install oracle-java8-jdk.
  • Now create a directory called "Nukkit" and immediately cut it with the following commands:
  • Then download the Nukkit program by entering the following: wget -O nukkit.jar (copy and paste to avoid making mistakes).
  • Once downloaded, open Nukkit with this command: sudo java -jar nukkit.jar. Thus, the program will open and the first thing you have to do is choose the language of your preference. Then you will see that the server starts to be created and, when it is ready, you can technically already use it, but before that you preferably have to configure it.

How to configure the Minecraft server created with Nukkit

configure minecraft server

If you have followed this guide so far, then the Nukkit program will have already become your private Minecraft server. Now it's time for configure it to work in the best possible way And, for this, we have two files: nukkit.yml Y These files can be easily modified with any text editor, allowing you to change the default server settings.

To open these configuration files, enter either of the following two commands in the terminal:

  • sudo nano nukkit.yml
  • sudo nano

Now there are many Recommended changes you can make on your Minecraft server. You can even go to Minecraft Wiki to see all the possible changes. However, we advise you to do the following to make your private Minecraft server work perfectly:

  • In the field to establish the maximum number of players (max-players =), place max-players = 10. So only 10 players can connect to the server simultaneously, because that is the maximum that a Raspberry Pi could support. If you have problems with this value, lower it to 5 or 6.
  • To activate player versus player (PVP) games on the server, make sure that the following fields appear in the configuration files: pvp = on.
  • Now, to vary the difficulty of the game, modify the field difficulty =. Next to the equal sign you must place the desired level (number) of difficulty, with 0 being the easiest of all.
  • Once you finish making the changes, to exit and save them press CTRL + X.
  • Then when you want to turn on your private Minecraft server, enter this command: sudo java -jar nukkit.jar.

In this way, your Minecraft server will be completely ready to be used.

How to connect to a private Minecraft server

I can't play Minecraft Earth on Android solutions

Now if you don't know how to connect to the private Minecraft server you just created, follow these steps:

  • Open the game from any device.
  • Click on To play.
  • Click on Servers.
  • Choose Add server.
  • Now put the server data: give it a name and write its IP address (the same one that we ask you to save before). Note that the port number should be the same as the one that appears in the file. If it is not, change it.

Ready! That way you will already be connected to your own Minecraft server. Remember that for verify that the server is up, you can ping the server from your Android using its IP address. If you receive a response, it means that your server is turned on and configured correctly.

How to add more functions to the Minecraft server created with Nukkit

types of tappables minecraft earth

If you want go beyond the basic functions that Nukkit offers youYou can do this by modifying the configuration files nukkit.yml and However, if that's not enough for you either, then you need to expand Nukkit's range of possibilities by installing plugins.

Plugins are nothing more than extras created to enhance the gaming experience that Nukkit offers with additional features or functions. With them, you can recover certain things from Minecraft that don't appear when playing online, Like the animals. So if you're interested, here are the best Nukkit plugins to improve your Minecraft server:

  • MobPlugins – Add all mobs (creatures and animals) to the online world of Minecraft.
  • WorldEssentials: active new game modes.
  • EssentialsNK – Enable additional game modes, new multiplayer management tools, and more.

Do not know how to install these plugins to your server? It is very easy, you just have to download them to your Raspberry Pi and then pass them to the corresponding directory. For example, if you download MobPlugins, you can pass it to the plugins directory with this command: sudo mv MobPlugin- plugins.

If you want to install more plugins, go to the official Nukkit website and in the Resources section you will find more than 250 plugins to download for free. Anyway, there is nothing more to say, so we hope that with this guide you have been able to create your private Minecraft server just as you want.