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How to activate dark mode on any Xiaomi or Redmi

Dark mode on Xiaomi and Redmi phones

Android Pie allowed many manufacturers to enable a dark mode in the respective layers of personalization of these. Xiaomi, from MIUI 10 or higher, has enabled this theme to all its devices that have such a firmware version. Below we explain how you can activate it.

Today, all smartphones from the Chinese manufacturer – and therefore Redmi – have some version of MIUI 10 or MIUI 11. Therefore, they are compatible with dark mode. Those devices that do not have any of these versions, which are very old and practically are discarded, can do nothing about it to activate the dark mode.

Activating dark mode on a Xiaomi and Redmi mobile is extremely simple

In addition to being easy to apply the dark theme on any Xiaomi / Redmi, also It is something that is accomplished in just a few seconds. In turn, it is completely reversible. That is, it can go from normal to dark, and vice versa, as many times as you want and at all times. (Discover: How to enable pure black dark mode on Twitter)

The first thing to do is go to Setting. This section is identified under the icon of a gear and you can find it located in the upper right corner of the displaced notification bar or in the place where you have positioned the logo on the main screen.

The next thing to do is enter the section screen (in MIUI 11 it appears in the tenth box, in Setting). Once you're there, you just have to click item Dark mode; you will see that the option of enable / disable dark mode with one touch. There you can too schedule automatic activation and deactivation of this, something that is ideal for those people who prefer to use this theme only at night.

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Activating dark mode on your Xiaomi or Redmi smartphone means, among other things, that applications such as Instagram, which are compatible with dark mode, support the theme automatically since it is not possible to adapt the theme to them or not because they do not they have this activation / deactivation option.