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How many MB does a game of Fortnite spend on mobile?

how many mb does fortnite spend

In case you didn't know, over 80 million people in the world play Fortnite. Without a doubt, it is one of the most popular games at the moment. And this time, we will tell you How many MB does a game of Fortnite spend on mobile.

After you read this information you can clear all your doubts and play without worrying about mobile data. Ideal for those people who play their Fortnite games anywhere!

This is the amount of MB a mobile spends in a Fortnite game


At Tech Advisor, the prestigious British media outlet, they calculated how many MB are spent in Fortnite. According to the tests carried out, Fortnite in 15 minutes consumes about 12.4 MB of mobile data.

That is, the game does not always consume the same amount of data, but you can set a margin of between 10 and 15 MB for every quarter of an hour. Simply put, Fortnite spends between 50 or 60MB for every hour of gameplay. So The amount of data spent in a Fortnite game depends on the duration of the game.. Taking into account that the games last between 20 or 30 minutes, these should spend approximately 30 or 45 MB.

It seems to you that the game spends a lot of mobile data? Well You consume that same 12.4 MB watching a YouTube video with a duration of approximately two minutes. That is, it is also not an exaggerated expense of data that Fortnite generates during each game.

fortnite games

If you want to enjoy this game without worrying about your monthly fee, then take a look at this article that explains how to prevent your apps from consuming mobile data without making much effort. On the other hand, you could also install any of these apps to save mobile data on Android.

As you must surely be imagining, Fortnite does not spend too many MB of mobile data during each game. Obviously, if you play all day without being connected to a WiFi network, you may have to deal with a good amount of expenses at the end of the month. It all depends on each player!