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Google Translate already supports voice to text transcription

Google translator It is a much more complete mobile application than the version available in the Google search engine, and now adds the ability to transcribe from speech to text while translating, with a new mode that reaches Android smartphones.

We have already explained how to use Google Translate taking advantage of all its capabilities, which include the possibility of translating images into augmented reality thanks to the mobile camera, and it also serves as an interpreter in conversations between two people.

The new transcribe mode has been thought for translate speeches, classes or explanations, where it is spoken in a single language. The mobile display the text in the language that we understand, that we can pause or see in its original version.

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The transcribe option has been enabled for Spanish, English, German, French, Portuguese, Hindi, Russian and Thai. Any translation between these 8 languages ​​will support it, and it is to be imagined that more will be added over time.

Image - Google Translate already supports voice to text transcription

Google warns that this novelty of the Translator app works well when only one person speaks and no background noise, while in more complicated circumstances it will give inferior results.

At the moment, the ability to transcribe conversations from voice to text will only be included in the Android version, without its iOS equivalent having a specific date to receive it.

The functionality is ready, but Google cautions that it may take a few days to reach all users. It will be necessary to update Google Translator from the Play Store, and from then on we will see a renewed home screen with a "Transcribe" icon.

Although there are dedicated translation devices, such as the Travis Touch, with a simple mobile phone, quite acceptable results can be obtained, which thanks to artificial intelligence are increasingly accurate, especially when it comes to recognizing conversations in other languages.

If we have to Attend an event in another language, the transcribe function will be useful, especially when it is in English, since it is the language that usually works best in any translator.

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What do you think of this novelty? Have you ever tried Google Translate in its app version?