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Google Classroom: how to use the app

Google Classroom is one of the main organization tools for students, because in it we will be able to have in an organized way all our subjects, tasks and content published by the teacher in a simple and quick way. Next we will see how to get the most out of Google Classroom.

Most of us carry a smartphone in our pocket. Have access to any subject from our mobile It can be really comfortable for us or if we are a teacher, it can be very useful for us to manage and grade those students who have turned in their work and who want to know, outside of class, the qualification of the exam they have taken that same morning.

Throughout this guide, we will see all the possibilities that Google Classroom has, either because you do not know the app or, because you just downloaded it and want to know how it works and thus get the most out of it.

Once we have downloaded Google Classroom, we must log in with our Google account. At the moment, we are users and we are not defined as a student or teacher until we join a class, in fact, later on we will see that we can be in the same student and teacher account.

Create a class

  1. If we are a teacher who is going to create a class, we must click on the upper right in the sign of the ms.
  2. Next, we must choose if we are a school as an institute or on the contrary, it is a private institution such as an academy.

Image - Google Classroom: how to use the app

  1. If we are an educational center whether public or private, it is indifferent, we must click on G Suite for schools where we must create an account in which all the groups will meet and where we can keep track of all the publications, assignments and grades of the students.
  2. If we are not an educational center, we can click on the bottom and continue the process.
  3. Will appear 4 fields to complete, although only the class name, is the required field.

Image - Google Classroom: how to use the app

  1. So that students can join the class that we have just created, we must enter the card that has just been created for us.
  2. Click on the top right, on the gear wheel icon, and copy the class code It has been generated automatically to make it easier for students and they can join.
  3. Notably the class code can be edited. Although we will not be able to choose the new password that the class will have, I know that we will be able to change it in case a student from another course joins the class.
  4. In order to change the code, we must go to the class settings.

Image - Google Classroom: how to use the app

  1. Click on the three points located on the right side of where the code is displayed and click on Change class code.

Image - Google Classroom: how to use the app

Join a class

If we are a student who seeks to join a class, first of all, we must have the class code. This is a code that the teacher has to provide us.

Once we have the class code, we will copy it and then go to Google Classroom.

  1. We will click on the ms icon, located in the upper right.
  2. We will select Join a class.
  3. We will enter the code and click on the button, located in the upper right Sign up.

Image - Google Classroom: how to use the app


If we have created the classGoogle automatically assumes that we are the teacher, although there may be more than one per class. Although it should be noted that both students and teachers have the three main sections with three main sections:

  1. Plank: it is the section in which we find ourselves as soon as we open the class, from this section the teacher will make announcements such as upcoming exams.
  2. Homework: the teacher will be able to publish different types of homework: Homework, Question, Material, Topic and Reuse publication. Google Classroom is integrated into Google services, so with this tool we will be able to date tasks and automatically integrate them into Google Calendar.
  3. Persons: This is the section where all the members of the class are reflected and through which we can add teachers. The best thing about this section is that it allows us to send emails directly to each student in a personalized way without having to search for it.

Types of tasks

Image - Google Classroom: how to use the app

  1. Homework: We can include files, annotations, the points that count, the delivery date and even add this task only to certain students. It should be noted that there is a variant with a questionnaire.
  2. Question: in this way we can ask students, either through proposals or through the options suggested by the teacher.
  3. Material: Adding content is really easy through Google Classroom. We can add a description for the content and put it in such a way that it corresponds to a theme that we create.
  4. Topic: Through this section we will be able to create and organize each theme in order to correspond it with the theme in question.
  5. Reuse publication: If we published content in the past, we can put it back as a reminder.

Synchronized Google Classroom and Drive

Google has a multitude of tools that are really useful. One of them is Google Drive and as it could not be otherwise, it is integrated into Google Classroom in order to have quick access to possible jobs that our teacher sends us.

  1. To access Google Drive from Classroom, we will only have to click on the three bars located in the upper left.
  2. To select Classroom folders and then we will open Google Drive.

Image - Google Classroom: how to use the app

The truth is that it is a useful incorporation, since the different types of tasks can be linked to this Google Drive folder, which is generated automatically. The teacher will also be able to create related subfolders with exercises or different parts of the agenda.

Image - Google Classroom: how to use the app

Make a delivery

If our teacher has sent us a task which we must deliver, we must carry out the following steps:

  1. Go to section "Chores"and then swipe from the bottom up.

Image - Google Classroom: how to use the app

  1. Then, we must upload a file, either from our Google Drive or from our computer / mobile.

Image - Google Classroom: how to use the app

  1. At the time of delivery, we can send a comment with some clarification about the work.

Image - Google Classroom: how to use the app

Remember that if a work does not have a predetermined delivery date we can always ask the teacher. On the other hand, if you have it, the teacher can decide whether or not to accept that job outside the delivery date.

When the delivery is effective, we will be shown in the panelAlthough we will not receive any type of email unlike when we have a new job.

Put a grade on a job

Whether the delivery period has ended or not, the teacher will be able to see which students have turned in the work or not. We can start to correct when we want, although we must be alert, since Google Classroom has the possibility of marking it as delivered, without any attachment.

Image - Google Classroom: how to use the app

In order to qualify the delivery, we must go to the section Homework and select the student we want to grade. The grade comes by default over 100, although we set it when we post the to-do. When the job is qualified, The student will receive an email with their notes.

Image - Google Classroom: how to use the app

Consult a rating

As Google Classroom is a simple communication service between teachers and students, the assignments that we deliver must be evaluated by the teacher and they can take a while. When the teacher assigns a grade to our work, we will be shown both in the panel and in the email the grade obtained.

Although we will always be able to access the qualifications of the multiple works through the section Homework.

Roll call with Google Classroom

Although in the vast majority of schools they said goodbye to paper long ago and decided to use their own system, Google Classroom also allows roll call. To be able to roll the list, we must go to the section Persons.

  1. Then, in the upper right, we will click on the four cubes icon.

Image - Google Classroom: how to use the app

  1. Next, we will be shown the different students where we can indicate if they are absent or, write us down to call him later and so we do not forget.

Image - Google Classroom: how to use the app

  1. We must clarify that the students who have downloaded Google Classroom and who have subsequently entered the class code when signing up will appear. On the other hand, when we reach the end of the list, we can press the button End session and so roll over next time.

As we see, Google Classroom is a perfect complement for both students and teachers. It allows a follow-up of the course, communication with the teacher and a multitude of options as we have already seen throughout this guide.

Google Classroom is available both in web version for computers and has an app for mobile phones and tablets. All the steps we have indicated have been done through the mobile app, but the interface is identical, so we would not have to suffer problems.

  1. Download Google Classroom for Android


  1. Download Google Classroom for iPhone / iPad


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