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Google brings back Google Now cards in Google Assistant

After many months using it, it is clear that Google has in its assistant a central element in the development of products. Lately we have commented a lot in reference to Google Home, the smart speaker that we are teaching you to get the most out of.

But the Assistant is also on mobile. In fact, that's where we can use it the most. And today it has been updated to also become the place to go to find out what we have pending. It is what we used to do in the side tab of Google Now.

Now more proactive

When we open the wizard we see that in the upper right corner, next to the explore icon, there is now another one that is the same that we have in the search application.

If we click on it we will access a area specially designed for each user. It will start with the weather information, then we will see the next events that we have pending, the follow-up of orders that we have made or the status of the flights that we are going to take.

Shortcuts for the most used tasks

One thing that has caught my attention is that when opening the application to take the screenshots there were two actions that stood out, at the beginning of this new section.

It's about two shortcuts (in my case to the shopping list and music) and coincidentally they are the orders that I use the most in the Google Home Mini. It is clear that the intention of Google is to minimize the number of steps that we have to take to arrive at those actions that we usually carry out.

In the last part we have two sections that recommend us new operations that we can do with the assistant. On the one hand, there are those that, depending on our use, may interest us the most. On the other hand there are the most popular.

We are glad that this feature of Google Now is back. We were not few who used it a lot, especially to have personalized information at a glance.