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Galaxy A01, Samsung's low-end already has a name

Possible Galaxy A01 pocket

One of the most important challenges of the big technologies, Apple aside, is to be able to control the market in all its ranges. Especially considering that In the world of smartphones, new firms are born every time, capable of offering much for very little. The entry range of the Android ecosystem is as important or more important for the benefits of a firm than the most exclusive range. Y the existing competition in the sector of basic smartphones is increasingly fierce.

Aware of this, year after year we work to offer a product that has a recognizable signature, and that in turn can compete on price and benefits with the most incipient firms. Samsung has always been present from its beginnings in all the possible range of terminals. From the most basic and economical to the most powerful and exclusive. This is how the Galaxy A01, the cheapest signature terminal in its entire catalog.

The Galaxy A01 will be the cheapest in the Samsung catalog

Be present in the most basic range and being able to offer a product that is competent in price and performance is increasingly complicated. You only have to take a look in any store to discover surprisingly interesting proposals. A priori, finding a relatively powerful phone while inexpensive is not complicated. Another thing is the reputation behind the firm that is capable of offering us such products.

The next Samsung model, the Galaxy A01 promises to live up to what we can expect of a smartphone contained in price but competent in all aspects. It seems that in order to minimize manufacturing costs, as it has already been done with some other model of the basic range, has been outsourced to another company to handle the process. Today the price has not passed to which we can acquire it, but some of its specifications.

Possible Galaxy A01 pocket

The Samsung A01 will feature a 16GB storage capacity and with a 2 GB RAM. We also do not have data about the processor it will have. But if we know that your screen will be 5.7 inches. And that the battery will have a capacity of 3,000 mAh. As we see none of them are "top" features, but it is something that buyers of this type of terminal are aware of.