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The Google Pixel 4a uncovered: full specs and video

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Google is not very lucky when it comes to keeping secrets about future Pixel phones. Last year's Pixel 3a was fully leaked several months before its launch. Even the Pixel 3 leaked multiple times months before its launch. Now it is the turn of the Pixel 4a, which has appeared in a video that does not keep any secrets.

The video was published on the channel TechnoLike Plus from YouTube. It not only shows us the device, but also reveals all your specifications.

Google Pixel 4a uncovered


The video shows the Google Pixel 4a in black. Like the Pixel 3a, its body it is also polycarbonate. Your screen has a drilling in the upper left corner that houses the front camera. The hole is not very small, but it is better than the big frames of the Pixel 3a. There are still bezels around the screen, but they are quite thin on all sides.

On the back, the Pixel 4a has the square camera design of the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. However, this area houses a single camera and LED flash. In this rear area we will also find a classic fingerprint reader. The above indicates that it is maintained an IPS panel.

The Pixel 4a has a white power button on the left side of the phone, just above the volume control, which is the same color as the rest of the device. There is an audio jack on the top of the phone. Meanwhile a USB-C port is located at the bottom.


The Pixel 4a has a 5.81 screen inches with a resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels. Google has not provided it with a high refresh rate, so we have the 60Hz standard.

In the video the application runs AIDA64 showing the specifications of the phone. This reveals to us that there is a Snapdragon 730 chipset promoting its functions. The 8nm processor is the same that is present in phones like the Xiaomi Mi 9T. The chipset is accompanied 6 GB of RAM, being 2GB more than those of the serious Pixel 3a. Nevertheless, internal storage is limited to 64GB.

Regarding photography, the rear camera is a 12MP sensor with support for 4K video recording. The front camera is still an 8MP sensor just like its predecessor. However, now the front camera offers video stabilization.

The surprising thing is that The Pixel 4a comes with dual SIM support, when the previous model did not offer it. The phone has a 3080 mAh battery capacity, virtually the same as the Pixel 3a's 3000 mAh battery. Run Android 10 standard as expected.


The youtuber reveals that the phone can be bought in Cuba for 500 Cuban pesos. This is equivalent to about $ 499. There is even a WhatsApp number to send a text message if you want to buy a unit. It is likely that in other markets round the 399 dollars / 399 euros in its base version.


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