Final Fantasy VII: we play the remake and talk to its creators

Final Fantasy VII: we play the remake and talk to its creators

The Final Fantasy VII remake respects most of the plot of the original video game, but updates the graphics and game mechanics

One of the greatest classics in the history of

video game

that saw the light in 1997 is days to return, but totally reimagined. The

Final Fantasy VII Remake

It takes the best of the story that marked an entire generation of Japanese RPGs on PlayStation 1, but finally lets us see how its creators really imagined Cloud, the protagonist and his companions in the environmental fight to save the planet.

On our visit to the Square Enix offices in Los Angeles we were able to play four missions of

this imminent launch

. There we could hear the voices of the characters for the first time, immerse ourselves in this world that is becoming increasingly familiar, get excited with its incredible soundtrack and also visit the reactor of "mako" (the life energy of the planet), as well as the city of Midgard.

Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer


It should be noted that although the game will allow the exploration of the world and we will be able to go through the scenarios, it will not be open-world, although it is not as linear as previous titles. During our third person RPG test, we used the protagonist


and we were able to exchange characters in the confrontations, now direct action with a selection of powers and actions. This makes him agile and entertaining on a superlative level.

The three hours of gameplay flew by thanks not only to a compelling storyline and visual design worthy of the next generation of consoles (though the game will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4 for a year), but primarily because of the action and complexity. of the fights, which although they are not frustrating due to the difficulties, they also test us to decide which attack to use at each moment and how to use our team of characters depending on their abilities. All this in real time with "Bullet Time" or momentary slowdown in time, when choosing our actions that are carried out with a simple menu to navigate with X, triangle, square and circle.

This is what the original Final Fantasy VII looks like

This new Final Fantasy is named


because it really had to be done again

everything from scratch

. The differences between the original and this 2020 title are so wide that we could say that it is totally new: but it respects the story and is inspired by reimagining the graphics. In 1997 the games were seen as simple triangles that formed an image, but we completed that image with our minds to give it more realism. The great triumph of the original Final Fantasy took advantage of that and complemented it with a great script, its gameplay and above all, its music, which took us to that place of imagination to live an immersive experience that the games of that time generally did not achieve .

This is how the modern version of the game will look

The creators of Final Fantasy VII speak

To give a little more insight into how this possible game of the year was created, we spoke with its producer.

Yoshinori Kitase, who also worked on the original 1997 game

And now he does it again along with several members of the original team for the remake: "It was great to have so many members together again to work on the remake after all these years," Kitase told LA NACION: "It was very important to us All these people could work on it. For the new version we wanted a mix of the original creators, but also the young talent within the industry working side by side to reimagine the game for a new generation of players. "

A view of how the appearance of Cloud, the main character, evolved in these years

A view of how the appearance of Cloud, the main character, evolved in these years

Naoki Hamaguchi, Co-Director of the game

He believes in the importance of respecting the original ideas of the 1997 game, but also in unleashing the imagination: "When we started the development of the game we did not do it with the idea that we were going to change everything in a great way. The game The original is well liked all over the world and by many people, and we didn't want to modify it too much. Instead, we focused on thinking about the technical limitations we had when we made the original 23 years ago and what things we couldn't show at the level that we want to do it then. "

Barrett Wallace also sports a figure revamped in the Final Fantasy VII remake

Barrett Wallace also sports a figure revamped in the Final Fantasy VII remake

Hamaguchi further explains that modern gaming has other rhythms than we live on the PlayStation 1: "We want Final Fantasy VII Remake to offer an immersive experience for the player in a way that the original could not, and in regards to battle system some elements simply would not have worked in a modern game. things like not being able to move on the battlefield, not having direct control of your characters, not having direct control of Cloud would have taken you out of history and experience, and not It fit with this more realistic version of the characters and the world we want to have in the remake. "

This combination of the ideas of its original designers and the contributions of a new generation of creators give it that


what differentiates this Final Fantasy perhaps from other games with the same tint. Final Fantasy VII Remake is not only a gem for the fans, who are finally going to see their childhood heroes in high resolution, but also an entry point for millions of gamers who still did not know the world of Cloud, our blonde protagonist mercenary, and the group of ecological activists / terrorists Avalanche.

One of the differences between the two versions of Final Fantasy VII is in the combat mechanics

One of the differences between the two versions of Final Fantasy VII is in combat mechanics.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake story

In this story we will play Cloud as the main character, a mercenary who joins the Avalanche group for money (and at the request of a dear childhood friend). There they will try to sabotage a "mako" plant, a mixture of natural fuel and spiritual energy extracted by a mega corporation, in order to avoid global contamination and the possible end of time. This initial attack has different consequences than expected and the corporation, with strong government ties, takes advantage of the situation to take them as public enemies and continue its evil plan in the shadows.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will arrive on the PlayStation 4 next April 10 exclusively for a year. If you feel like trying it

A free demo is now available

 for PlayStation 4 with the first mission.

. Final Fantasy VII: we played the remake and talked to its creators – LA NACION