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Fallout Shelter Online will emphasize multiplayer and exploration

Fallout Shelter was a great arrival on our phones a few years ago. And now we will soon have Fallout Shelter Online, and by the name you can already guess that it will be a game dedicated to online multiplayer.

And the truth that the same idea already makes us want to know everything of this game that will return Bethesda to the fore. We are going to know some of the best characteristics that await us to get into a refuge (at what time here in Madrid where I write these lines) and face other players with our own. Go for it.

What awaits us

Exploration in Fallout Shelter Online

In his day we talked long and hard about this great strategy game called Fallout Shelter and that puts us before the management of an entire nuclear refuge. The truth that we loved it and gave us to give you some advice and tell you about the new features.

Shelter in Fallout Shelter Online

Its 10 million registered users give rise to this great arrival with Fallout Shelter Online and that even leads us to have those hated gacha, and that they will be penalized in our country, and what are the ability to recruit heroes of the Fallout series, assemble adventure teams, face enemies of all varieties and venture into the Wilderness.

Where if you want putting the Bethesda accent is on exploration, and although we had it in mind in the previous one, it was like going over it. This time we will have mythical places from the series such as the Red Rocket and the City of Diamonds. We will find a great variety of monsters with those super mutants and others that we leave in mystery.

Create your favorite team

Fallout Shelter Online

It will be in the formation of that team where we will find another of the scores of Fallout Shelter Online. We talk that we will have to create links to strengthen points of highest value from our team.

Exploration in Fallout Shelter Online

And of course, we have discussed the multiplayer and here comes the one that we can challenge other players in the Wasteland. We will be able to find them when we go to explore and we will be able to challenge them in the Combat Zone.

Having said all this, this time I do Bethesda has fallen into the gacha and introduces an object collection system like other freemiums. We will still have to see how it will be, since at the moment we have very little information to understand how and how much cost it will mean for the player who does not want to spend a euro on his favorite game.

By April 22 in the Philippines

Fallout Shelter Online

From the Google Play Store all players found in the Philippines You can already find the pre-registration page. It is true that we also have the product page open, but there is no desired pre-registration button and it will allow us to receive that notification when it is ready in our country.

If we know The date of April 22 is because in the App Store Fallout Shelter Online appears on that date and the country in which it will be launched regionally. So we still have a little more than a month to whet our appetites.

What we recommend, in order to do the gameplay, in case you have never tried Fallout Shelter, is that you install it, since it is a free game that you have in the Play Store without any type of restriction. In fact, today it has an average score of 4.6 points with more than 3 million reviews. You can already get an idea of ​​the impact the game has had on our mobiles.

Fallout Shelter Online is sure to be another game of the year; Like these online multiplayer that we recommend from Androidsis and that have been released so far this year. Bethesda seems to have realized that mobiles are much more than an Angry Birds.

Fallout Shelter Online

Fallout Shelter Online