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Elon Musk mocks coronavirus and challenges quarantine

Elon Musk continues to defy the coronavirus, as in addition to calling the panic causing the disease nonsense, he is also challenging the authorities.

This is because Tesla's electric vehicle assembly plant in Fremont, California will continue to operate as usual, according to a report by Los Angeles Times published on Monday March 16.

In an email sent to his employees, Musk said, "If you feel a little sick or even uncomfortable, don't feel compelled to come to work," said Musk, who also added, "I'd rather you be home and not stressed, than at work and worried. "

In addition to what was said in his email, he reiterated that "my sincere opinion is that the damage caused by the panic of the coronavirus far exceeds that of the virus itself."

The authorities react

However, a great warning was received this Wednesday, March 18 by the people of Tesla in Fremont, since the local sheriff commented on his social networks that the company of Elon Musk nor is exempt from the new order shelter in placeof the coronavirus from the San Francisco Baha area, and should suspend normal operations at your factory.

Tesla it is not an essential business as defined in the Alameda County Health Order. Tesla can maintain basic minimum operations under the Alameda County Health Order, ?says the Sheriff.

Panic over coronavirus is silly

Elon Musk always makes people talk, for better or for worse, he is a person who has an opinion for everything and especially on Twitter nothing is saved.

That happened on Friday, March 6, when it just happened, when he silently dropped a bomb on the coronavirus, an opinion where he showed that he did not agree with the WHO or with the world and government authorities.

"The panic for the coronavirus is silly," he said on the social network, causing a series of reactions for and against.

On the one hand, people who agree are your appreciation. In fact, one user shared the virus mortality figures, which only reach 2%, very far, for example, from the 25% mortality rate of the ball.

Another user commented, "They did the same thing with respect to global warming and it's still snowing in many places."

A person also defended it in the following way "Pay attention. The panic is against taking rational measures. @Elon Musk it talks about panic nonsense, not about not taking action. ?

Elon Musk smiles

However, there were those who did not agree with Musk's position:

Seattle here. This is irresponsible. What an idiot. People are dead. Do you know what it's like to fight to breathe? It's horrible, "said one user.

Another user was harsher on him: "I am totally amazed that someone who owns a company where employees cannot work from home called" dumb "to take steps to protect workplaces from a highly infectious disease."

This other user did not save anything either:

?As someone with severe heart problems, this tweet seems irresponsible to me. Just because you're one of the richest people in America who has every chance, some like me can and will die like the other 20 Americans who have died. You should be ashamed. "

Still, something about panic was made clear by psychologist David DeSteno in an editorial for The New York Times.