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Due to the coronavirus, social networks could eliminate more legitimate content

  • Generally, social networks remove toxic content through a mixed system of AI and human personnel

  • While algorithms remove the most obvious resources, it is humans who handle complex cases

  • However, with the coronavirus, this could change radically in the coming weeks.

Over the weeks, it has become clear that the most destructive effects of the coronavirus will not be on what it does to those who become infected with it. The secondary consequences are the ones that will have the worst impact in the world. For example, the paralysis of the economy in the affected countries. Or, the general shortage of supplies caused by the general panic among the population. Even the removal of legal content from social networks.

In accordance with Reuters, the main social networks in the industry have just released very worrying information to the public. Twitter, Google and Facebook, through their respective official blogs, reported that their services could remove more legitimate content from their platforms these days. Also, complaints about this behavior will take longer to process. All this is a huge consequence of the coronavirus.

According to social media, the coronavirus has forced them to send many of their employees home. This means that there are not that many people doing a manual review of toxic, violent or false content on their platforms. Therefore, they will turn more to Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the coming weeks. However, these systems are not perfect and are expected to incorrectly rate more resources these days, which will encourage the care process.

The invisible effects of the coronavirus

Many of the consequences of this pandemic are clearly visible. Sports competitions and competitions they are canceling to reduce the possibility of contagion by the coronavirus. It is also evident that certain companies, such as Aeromxico, they will have to face a reduction of movement in their businesses. Also, it is very striking the way in which certain organizations have only decided quarantine apart from its staff.

Related Notes

However, there are other effects that are not so clear in this coronavirus crisis. Many of the companies, thanks to the digitization of activities, have managed to keep their employees productive and protect themselves from the outbreak through home office. This is even seen as an excellent way to deal with future health situations (physical and mental) among the population. However, it also represents a very important challenge that not many notice.

Do home office It is not easy, especially for people who have never done it before or are not very used to it. Now thanks to the coronavirus, remote work is no longer an option, but an obligation. And many people have no idea how to optimize their work space and time in the same way that they did in their offices. So even if productivity is not completely lost, it will take a hard hit in many cases.

The challenge of home office

For a long time, before the coronavirus, the possibilities of home office for remote business work. For example, one of the preferred work schemes of the generation millennial. Also, certain experts came to qualify it as the better path to productivity. It was even ranked as one of the most attractive solutions to various brand challenges on a day-to-day basis.

However, it is also not so easy for people to get used to home office, especially with the coronavirus crisis on top. In accordance with Closet FactoryThere are no clear limits to what people can and cannot do, which can result in constant distractions. In figures of Office AnywhereThere are also more opportunities to procrastinate in remote work. And in data from Money Talks NewsIt also contributes to increasing problems such as loneliness.