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Device control centers for a smart home

Are you going to stay longer at home and want to improve your experience? These must have some of the best device control centers for a smart home. Also known as hubsThey serve as bridges that allow us to connect our smart devices with each other and manage them in a simple, efficient and centralized way. Whether it's the TV, the door locks, or the thermostat, everything can be monitored and controlled with just one click or a simple voice command.

If you are currently searching for a hub But you don't know where to start, in this list you will find some of the best smart control centers on the market, based on price, features and capabilities. We will continue to update the list constantly, so be sure to come back to review the new options.

Google Nest Hub Max

A person manipulates a Google Nest Hub, one of the best control centers for the smart home

Nest Hub Max is a smart screen full of features, thanks to Google's experience with previous models, such as the Google Home. The touch screen is a great way to read the news, watch videos, enjoy interactive games, or display a rotating gallery of your photos. But that's only part of what you can do: With the help of the Google Assistant, you can connect to compatible smart devices in your home to adjust lights, play music, report news, check your calendar, and many other things. You can control all of this with Google Assistant voice commands.

And there is still much more. The screen includes a camera that recognizes faces, changing the profile according to who is using the control center. The camera also handles video calls and intelligently tracks your movements during a conversation. It can also act as a security camera and you can watch what is happening through your mobile device. The speakers on the back can also play music.

The Nest Hub Max has improved and incorporated new features. The only thing to consider is that Nest smart devices had a difficult 2019. The Works with Nest program was discontinued, so some devices may have lost compatibility with Google Assistant. Although Google is slowly rebuilding Nest compatibility with a newer program, this will take time. Hub Max is the best choice if you already have a lot of Nest devices in your home or if you are looking for smart devices and want to make sure they are compatible with the Google Assistant.

Samsung SmartThings Hub

A Samsung Smarthings Hub, one of the best control centers for the smart home

The third-generation SmartThings Hub has many more features than previous models, as Samsung tries to compete by offering a little bit of everything. In this case, ?everything? considers compatibility with devices from more than 40 different brands, the ability to route alerts from security devices to your phone and the option to configure routines that can automatically control a variety of smart devices.

It is also backward compatible with SmartThings technology, so if you have Samsung devices, you don't have to worry about support. The hub also includes support for older protocols, including Zigbee, Z-Wave, and cloud-to-cloud options, so even older or niche smart devices have a better chance of working.

And there is more: the Hub also supports voice commands from Alexa and Google Assistant. In addition, Samsung created a new setup process to make it easier to check in and released a newer, sleeker version of the SmartThings app to control it all. This hub option has never looked better, and remains one of our most affordable choices!

Echo Show (2nd generation)

An ECho Show 2, one of the best smart home control centers, on display

The Echo Show is the Alexa version of a smart display that can access and control smart devices throughout your home. The second generation Show greatly improves the quality and sound on the screen, making it a useful entertainment device. However, it also adds Zigbee compatibility, an excellent option that makes it easier to control older or unique smart devices that may not work on other channels.

Alexa also supports modern smart devices such as lights, cameras, thermostats, smart plugs, and more. You can search for and pair these devices using the Alexa app on your mobile device.

For a price similar to the Wink Hub 2, you can get Logitech's Harmony Hub, which runs at the speed of light, turning on in 30 seconds. The device is ideal for those with a penchant for home entertainment, as it has controls for eight devices, and is compatible with over 270,000 devices.

Smart TVs, cable boxes, Apple TVs, Blu-Ray players, and a variety of consoles can work in conjunction with the Harmony Hub. The back of the hub includes IR mini blasters that help expand the coverage area of ??the device. It uses Bluetooth connectivity to connect with your devices, but it also comes with a USB port in case your phone doesn't offer Bluetooth.

The Harmony app connects to iOS or Android smartphones and tablets, supports Alexa, and gives you access to channels, movies, and 50 customizable favorites. Couples will enjoy this device as it can create a perfect movie environment for the home, dim the lights (or smart lamps), and connect with stereo systems for watching TV.

Harmony Hub is very portable, making it easy to place the device in closed cabinets.


Securifi Almnd 3 Smart Home Wi-Fi System

Securifi Almond 3Although most control centers do not have a static design as their main feature, the Securifi Almond 3 Smart Home Wi-Fi system is one of the most attractive centers we have seen. But this unit is more than just a pretty face: the Almond 3 works at full capacity.

The bright 3-inch color touch screen provides easy access to virtually all functions. This also helps simplify the setup process, which is already straightforward. It also has a built-in digital pen for those who prefer not to use their fingers to avoid dirtying the screen.

What makes this hub even more relevant is that the Almond 3 uses multiple access points around a space, spreading the Wi-Fi signal so that mobile devices can switch to stronger signals automatically when you move around your home. or office. In the 5 GHz band, the mesh network system worked perfectly with our devices.