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CoD Mobile, how to connect the PS4 controller to Android

CoD Mobile: how to connect the PS4 controller to Android

Call of Duty Mobile has been available for Android and iOS mobiles for some time. The truth is that the game is very similar to what we can find on PlayStation and Xbox, but playing with the screen of a mobile phone can be somewhat complicated. Fortunately, on Android there is a method to play CoD Mobile with the PS4 controller, we teach you how to connect it.

First of all, we need the PS4 controller to be unpaired from the console, since otherwise the connection with the mobile will not be possible. Also, to prevent it from connecting automatically, turn off the Play Station 4. Then turn on the Bluetooth of your Android phone. You can do it in: Settings> Bluetooth> Turn on bluetooth. Allows the search for new devices.

PS4 Android Controller

With the phone turned on and the Bluetooth search active, Grab the PS4 controller and simultaneously press the Share buttons and the PlayStation logo, the one in the center. You will see the indicator light on the front blink. A new device named Wirelles Controller will appear in the mobile. Select it. You will see that the controller has been connected to the mobile and you can control the terminal with the buttons on the controller.


Finally, enter the Call of Duty Mobile. The video game will detect that a controller is connected, and in the configuration it will allow us to adjust the buttons and some controls. It is important to note that the game will pair us with other players who are also using a controller (not necessarily the PS4), considering that this is the mobile version, it will probably take a little longer than usual to enter the game.

My PS4 controller does not connect to Android: solution

If once connected, the bluetooth of your device automatically disconnects it, click on the icon and click on unlink or forget and reconnect the remote. If it still doesn't work, reset the PlayStation 4 controller through the small button on the back. You can use an extractor key for the SIM tray or a small wooden toothpick. It is also recommended that you reset the device's bluetooth settings. Please note that in this case all other paired devices will be erased. To reset Bluetooth, go to Settings> System> Reset> Reset network settings. Then follow the steps again to link the controller.

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