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Brands can now create their own RA filters on Snapchat

  • According to Snapchat, more than 75 percent of its users interact with RA content every day.

  • Previously, the social network only allowed brands to create an Augmented Reality filter through its platform

  • To do this, companies must first contact a sales representative and contract the service.

One of the technologies that generates the most interest among brands is Augmented Reality (AR). It makes sense why this new content format generates so much interest. In the end, it is one more way that businesses can engage with consumers. This, in a graphically attractive presentation with viralization potential. However, it is not very easy for companies, especially those with no experience, to create their own resources.

Snapchat wants to alleviate this problem a bit. In accordance with Adweek, the platform today launched a toolkit called Lens Web Builder. As its name suggests, it is a utility that brands can use to create their own AR filters, which in turn can be used in campaigns on the social network. According to the app, is the first web-based industry tool specializing in the production of Augmented Reality filters.

This AR tool will be quite simple. Businesses can choose from a wide variety of 3D objects, animations, and effects. Then they can add their logo or other images to the filter. Later, the contents can be exported to the new Snapchat Augmented Reality campaigns or as part of the Extended Play Commercials of the social network. Brands are expected to be helped create these resources without professional help.

Possibilities of RA for brands

On other occasions, uses of this technology have been seen in commercial campaigns. For example, Paramount used these Snapchat filters to promote the movie Sonic The Hedgehog all over the world. In September of last yearCoca-Cola presented animations in RA as part of an activation of brand building. On the other hand, last January Pinterest presented a series of tools for brands in the beauty sector.

Related Notes

Going back to the Snapchat tool, how is it that brands can employ this new feature in their marketing strategy? Initially, it is crucial that these types of activations begin to be placed on the market because it helps to democratize the production of content. As the social network rightly points out, before it was very complex for a company to create an AR filter without specialized designers and consultants. With this utility, it will be even easier.

Now, what can brands use it for? Remember that users love being part of interesting and eye-catching experiences. RA has the double advantage of not only being a resource that can be consumed, but it can also be used to create your own resources and share them with the nearby circle. So it is worthwhile for companies, even the smallest ones, to consider these options to make their business and offer better known.

The future of technology in the market

Of course, RA is not only useful for the advertising and marketing industry. A startup present, a few months ago, lenses that use this technology to improve the performance of athletes. Google has worked hard to put tools on the market that allow the community to create their own platforms and content. On the other hand, it is impossible not to mention the wide applications that it has in the video game world.

There are other future applications of AR that experts hope will be consolidated in the coming years. In accordance with Forbes, its application within the industrial sector is expected to grow considerably. Mobidev points out that it could be one of the innovations that transforms the way people shop, especially in categories such as fashion and furniture. Instead, the site Grafdom He believes that he will have a greater weight in training and education tasks.