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Brainito tests you with your friends and family

Brainito is a new game of mental agility in which we will be able to face other players to demonstrate our ability with mathematics and words.

A game well enjoyable both for its own gameplay as for its well-worked interface and that allows us to enjoy a great experience. A game that has few reviews, but it will surely be played by many in a matter of months. Let's do it with Brainito.

Math and words all in one


Brainito is a word and math game in which we will face another player in 4 rounds. These rounds are divided into word tests and in which we have to try to create the word with the highest number of letters, and mathematics. This is the one of the numbers a little more complicated.

We are given a number and a series of figures with the four operations more basic such as subtract, add, multiply and divide. This is the most complex test and the one that will take the longest to do, since you have 30 seconds before you can finish it.

Like Apalabrados, Brainito has that option of play against another player and he has his time to finish the game. From the main screen you will be able to see all the active games in order to follow them when the opponent has taken his turn.

Make up to 3 words in Brainito


In that round of words we have up to 3 words to form. The more letters each of the words have the more points, so we will have to give the neurons to try to get the words with the letters given at the bottom of the screen.

Brainito also has numerous game modes and that are another of his points. They are challenges alone and they will put us before varied challenges always linked to what are the numbers and the words. And of course, it is in Spanish. What is going to get the game to fly among the Hispanic Android community, since it has enough for it to be played very soon.

We also have to unlock avatars and achievements. We have up to 123 different avatars and this will allow us to customize our profile a little to enjoy multiplayer games, although asynchronizedby Brainito. Having such an aspect of playing against others, being able to personalize our profile is important to have an identity different from that of the rest and that is usually well received in this type of games.


Aside from being able to play online against other players, Brainito also has the possibility of playing against friends so that the games are more enjoyable. We keep the set and some quality details that add up to a great experience. We can talk about that sound when pressing on the buttons and that, although it may seem silly, shows the level of care given by the developer.

Technically it is a very well orchestrated game and that, apart from staying with those sounds of great effect, visually it also has a good design. What does subtract something from the experience is having the numbers or letters so low. It may seem silly, but on 18: 9 screens you could "climb" a little more to focus your eyes. For the rest a very well designed game that has everything to become one of the favorite multiplayer puzzles of many.

Brainito arrives eager to become in a game that we can enjoy online with our friends, family and colleagues. And more in these moments when the coronavirus has forced us to be at home here in Spain. Do not miss the moment and have a good time with math and numbers to pick up on your colleagues. We leave you another game of great creativity as a puzzle.

Editor's opinion

A special game to play with friends and family to chop with words and numbers with asynchronous games.

Punctuation: 6

The best

  • Various game modes
  • Well worked on the technical side
  • The sound of clicking the button is unique


  • Too far down letters and numbers

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Brainito - Words vs Numbers

Brainito - Words vs Numbers