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Apple patents an idea so that they do not pry on your iPhone screen

face id

face id

Nobody likes to have someone looking at the screen of their iPhone while using it, and less if it is a stranger. Every day it happens that sometimes someone around us ends up looking at the screen of our deviceSometimes it is inadvertently, due to inertia or because they have just looked around, but at others it is done with full awareness and deliberation. This is what a recent patent from Apple is about that although for the moment it is just that, if it becomes a reality it will be a serious improvement in the privacy of the use of our iPhone on a daily basis.

A screen only visible to the device owner

The idea is quite simple in terms of operation but with great technology such as Face ID behind. In use, what will happen is that while the iPhone detects a registered face by looking at the screen, it will act normally, but when it detects a second unregistered face by looking at it, the encryption will be activated, according to the patent make the entire area of ​​the screen unreadable that is not where the user was looking at the time.

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<p><strong>In addition to detecting and analyzing faces, the Face ID camera will be in charge of completely analyzing the environment</strong>, in order to detect other faces that were not authorized, and what is more important, where they are looking, since the idea is based on the iPhone knowing that they are looking at it and precisely where.</p>
<p>If it comes true it will be a serious improvement in the privacy of the use of our iPhone on a daily basis.</p>
<p>Looking at the performance of Face ID, <strong>It really seems that Apple has the necessary technology to make something like this come true.</strong>. As it is simply a patent, what remains to be seen is whether this technology will finally see the light, although looking at it and knowing Apple's obsession with the privacy of its users would be quite plausible.</p>