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Apple Music renews its agreements with the most important record labels in the world

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Apple Music is one of the most important services that Apple provides today. Thanks to its high quality of service, millions of users connect every day to your platform to enjoy the best music, but this has not always been so easy. This service had a somewhat complicated beginning, and it took a while for them to find a way to reach the public. However, having a large catalog available is always an argument capable of convincing anyone.

Like all streaming music services, Apple Music maintains various agreements with record labels to bring the best music to its platform worldwide. And it is precisely thanks to these agreements that we have at our disposal 60 million songs. Thus, the fact that Apple has decided to renew its contracts with the major labels is fundamental news to ensure the future of the service.

In this case, thanks to the information shared by the Financial Times we have been able to know that the company has renewed its contracts with labels such as Universal Music, Sony Music, and Warner Music, all of them backed by a great repertoire of artists. This will allow Apple Music to keep artists like Taylor Swift, Lizzo and Adele in its catalog, among other great favorites whose works are enjoyed every day by Apple Music users.

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This is an essential movement to keep the service running, however, users also demand something more. Since a time ago, we have been asking for a more intuitive music application than the one we have today, that although it has a really beautiful design, it does not end up being so effective when it comes to taking us to the songs that best come to us at all times. We will see if the competition with Spotify manages to change that soon.