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Apple MacBook Air: features, specifications and price

Apple announced this Wednesday a new macbook air, the replacement for its best-selling laptop and now it comes with more power, lower price and twice the power of the previous generation, as announced by the company itself through a press release.

MacBook Air

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) wreaking havoc across the world and Cupertino's signature stores closed until further notice in all locations outside of China, the technology has been forced to abort a face-to-face event scheduled for the same March, where it was expected to see this and other devices, such as the new iPad Pro and Mac mini, also revealed on this day.

From students and consumers who buy their first computer to customers who want to upgrade, everyone loves the Mac, and especially the MacBook Air, "said Tom Boger, Head of Marketing for Mac and iPad.

MacBook Air: more of everything

In 2018, Apple renewed the design of the MacBook Air to make it lighter, thinner and include a new screen with fewer edges around it. A redesign necessary at the time and that maintains this generation to change, in essence, everything else.

MacBook Air

The brand's new ultrathin laptop starts at a storage capacity of 256 GB, doubling the base model that exists so far, which is great news for, in a nutshell, everyone. In addition, it increases the maximum capacity to 2 TB. In terms of processors, the basic model starts with an Intel Core i3 and 8 GB of RAM, going from there to the Core i5 and being able to configure it up to a Core i7 and 16 GB of RAM.

With this generation, Apple also sings the mea culpa as far as the keyboard is concerned, replacing the hitherto present with butterfly mechanism, thinner by one that uses the well-known scissor mechanism, present for years on the laptops of the house. A decision already implemented in the 16-inch MacBook Pro at the end of last year and that was instigated by the numerous operating problems that the previous system was presenting.

All this for a somewhat reduced price compared to the previous generation, which was at 1,249 euros for the base model. Now this part of 1,199 euros for the simplest configuration, ascending as components are modified.

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