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Apple answers all your questions about quarantine

With the closure of its coronavirus product stores, Apple has left thousands of widowers. Many wanted to buy some of their products, many others sought technical support.

Since nothing is so bad in life, the Cupertino-based manufacturer published on its site a selection of the most frequently asked questions among its users in these times of quarantine and, of course, their answers.

Here is the Apple FAQ:

– My Apple Store is closed. When to reopen?

– Our stores are closed until further notice. We are committed to providing exceptional service to our clients. For service and support, go to or call 800-275-2273. For fast, free delivery purchases, shop at or the Apple Store app. Check to know the last hours of operation of the stores.

– I want to return a product that I recently bought, but the 14 day return period will end during the store closing. What should i do

– Do not worry. We will accept your return until 14 days after we reopen. *

* Excludes contracted iPhone (United States, Canada, Japan and Australia) and exchange devices (the value of the device can be given in the form of a gift card).

– My device is in an Apple store for repair. When can I get it back?

– You can pick up your device once the Apple Store opens again. If the repair is not ready, we may need additional time after we reopen it. We will contact you when your device is ready.

– How can I know what the repair is?

– You can check the status of a repair online at

– I need to repair my device. How can I do it if the stores close?

– You can start the operation online or contact technical support at

– I have scheduled an appointment for the Genius Bar before March 27th. Will they be open for that?

– We will not make appointments before reopening. You can reschedule your appointment and get self help at

– I made an online order to the Apple Store. Can I make changes?

– S. Visit to see the status of your order and make changes. You can also contact us by chat or by phone from this page for help.

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