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Android 11 Developer Preview 2 available: all its news

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Google has released the second Developer Preview of Android 11. The new release comes exactly one month after the first Developer Preview and includes a significant amount of news that improve the experience of using the system.

What's new in Android 11 Developer Preview 2

Notification history

There is a new notification history visible from the Settings section. There is also a shortcut to this screen at the bottom of the notification screen.

Require eyes for facial unlocking

When the Google Pixel 4 came out, it was found that its face unlock system was reliable, but to such a level that it can unlock the phone with the user's eyes closed, which ironically becomes a security vulnerability. Now, the option to require open eyes for face unlock is present.

Manage conversations

?Conversations? is one of the novelties that Android 11 DP 1 brought to the notification curtain. Now, there is a "Manage conversations" section in Settings> Notifications. This is to control which apps appear in the Conversations area.

New screen recording

The first Android 11 Preview added a screen recorder to the shortcuts and now the user interface has been updated. It is now a floating dialog with buttons for Record Audio and Show touches on the screen.

Adjust apps to the phone's aspect ratio

Some applications do not adjust properly to high proportions on newer devices. If an application does not scale correctly, a new pop-up window offers the option to restart the application so that it now appears in full screen.

New IPSec options for VPN

There are new IPSec options available when we configure a VPN. IPSec is a way to encrypt packets to be used within the VPN. It is another standard that users can use.

Use volume key for accessibility options from lock screen

There is a new option in the Accessibility settings to allow the user to access shortcuts from the volume key from the lock screen. Both volume keys can be pressed for 3 seconds to start the accessibility function.

Google "Files" is the new system file manager

Google seems to replace AOSP's file management application with "Google Files". We can access the previous application of files by going to Settings> Storage. Also, the "Other Storage" option in Google Files is new. This allows users to access cloud storage providers (such as Google Drive).

Option of "Improved connectivity" whose function is not yet clear

There is now an option for "Enhanced Connectivity" in the developer options. It says "Enable the enhanced connectivity feature," but you still know what it really does.

"HD Audio" for Bluetooth audio

There is a new option for "HD Audio" for Bluetooth audio. Connecting a Bluetooth audio device enables the option. Turning it off sets the Bluetooth audio codec to SBC, while turning it on sets the cdec to AAC (highest quality).

Simulate drilling or ?cascade? on screen

"Drill" and "Cascade" have been added to the screen clip list. You can imitate how they would look on our device.


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