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Android 11 Developer Preview 2 available: all its news

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Google has released the second Developer Preview of Android 11. The new release comes exactly one month after the first Developer Preview and includes a significant amount of news that improve the experience of using the system.

What's new in Android 11 Developer Preview 2

Notification history

There is a new notification history visible from the Settings section. There is also a shortcut to this screen at the bottom of the notification screen.

Require eyes for facial unlocking

When the Google Pixel 4 came out, it was found that its face unlock system was reliable, but to such a level that it can unlock the phone with the user's eyes closed, which ironically becomes a security vulnerability. Now, the option to require open eyes for face unlock is present.

Manage conversations

“Conversations” is one of the novelties that Android 11 DP 1 brought to the notification curtain. Now, there is a "Manage conversations" section in Settings> Notifications. This is to control which apps appear in the Conversations area.

New screen recording

The first Android 11 Preview added a screen recorder to the shortcuts and now the user interface has been updated. It is now a floating dialog with buttons for Record Audio and Show touches on the screen.