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A special arboreal and magical tower defense called Eris Forest

Eri´s Forest gets fully into the tower defense category, but with a big difference: it wastes graphic style and a tree magic that we cannot find in other titles. This great difference leads us to another type of experience and that we are going to show you next.

If we talk about graphic style, it is also due to the concept and background of this new Android game. See you before the insects of the Forest of Eri that strangely they are beginning to attack the healthy trees of the forest. Our task will be to prevent it as we can.

A tower defense different from others

Eri´s Forest

With that goal of stop access to the healthy tree these insects we find before this game called Eri´s Forest, and that stands out for its concept. It is not that it brings something different in the proper base of what is a tower defense, since we will simply be placing those towers in the appropriate places to prevent them from attacking the tree.

What happens that graphically draws a lot of attention to have a tree with its magical visual effects, and that 3D that allows us to rotate the perspective to find the best angle that allows us to procure the best possible defense.

These aspects manage to face a different experience from other tower defense and that from here we appreciate. Especially when this genre is one of our favorites. What yes that forces the consumption of resources when pulling that 3D and those angles of vision that achieve striking panoramic views, but with which the battery suffers.

Eri´s Forest and his experience

Eri´s Forest

As in other tower defense, such as the addictive Infinitode 2, we can improve the towers that we are going placing in strategic places and get new ones. It is to take one and before placing it in one of the different locations that we have, freely by the way, we can see the radius of action of it.

Nothing that surprises us, since the game base is a pure tower defense with all those characteristics. On top we have the mana, and that is subtracted as we get new towers, the waves of missing insects, and the life points that the tree has left.

With those three values we will have to deal and try that those insects try to hurt the tree that we must protect. We also have the accelerate button so that everything goes faster and we really see the effect of the selected towers and the location. Like insects they will look for new ways to try to avoid our defenses and thus fulfill their objective.

Visually striking

Eri´s Forest

The menus, and one of the characters that takes us to the first steps, are also very successful and they follow the aesthetics present in the games. Another highlight of this tower defense is the variety of insects and those towers with a very particular aesthetic. Which again puts the accent on the distinction of its gameplay compared to other games.

Visually it is a very attractive game and almost leads us to think that we are immersed in our own microcosm, as it is in nature itself. The visual effects and the lighting given also manage to bring their own visual style and that allows us to enjoy enormously for those of us who like tower defense a lot. The games are also fast and there is no lack of performance, which adds more to the whole set.

Eri´s Forest shows that there are many paths for continuing in a genre of which we have numerous titles in the Google Play Store. A game invaded by magic and that gives a unique experience. You may already like more or less the basics of its tower defense, but if you want a relaxed action game, it is more than recommended. You have it for free from the Google Play Store, so do not miss the appointment.

Editor's opinion

To applaud your own idea and that generates a different experience before other tower defense. Graphically it is very attractive and encourages you to play and get to know its towers, insects and more.

Punctuation: 6

The best

  • Visually it attracts a lot of attention
  • Own identity
  • Great performance


  • It is still a basic tower defense

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Eri's forest

Eri's forest