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a challenging board game

Board games have that traditional charm that lasts longer than digital entertainment conquers with pixels and polygons. Maybe not as attractive as hitting the buttons, but Parcheesi or Cluedo games have their charm, too. Even if, Why not transfer the world of digital games to the board? Square Enix knows quite a bit about that with the Go series.

First it was Hitman Go, then Tomb Raider Go. Two exceptional games where we met turn-based movement on lanes, many puzzles, intelligence and, above all, a splendid graphic environment set with the characteristic details of the games. And we already have here the expected Deus Ex Go, the last "conversion" of the study that will already develop the previous two.

Deus Ex Go proposes a board game with remarkable difficulty from the start

Deus Ex GO, a board game with intelligence and invisibility

The best thing about «Go» style games is that they manage to transfer the original environment to a much more limited terrain with steps advance through different lanes. What in principle might seem like that, limitation, stimulates an aspect that does not have as much presence in the original games: intelligence. Going through Deus Ex Go and overcoming the screens is not easy. Not even the first level.

Deus Ex Go puts us in the shoes of Adam Jensen. We must go into the Novak mansion overcoming all the obstacles that lie ahead with the help of our intelligence and other usual items in Deus Ex, such as invisibility. Stealth is essentialAs in Hitman Go: attacking face to face means starting the level again.

Deus Ex GO, a board game with intelligence and invisibility

As in any board game, the advance is in turns and one by one. We will have different lanes to choose from in addition to the option to retrace our steps. How do the movements combine to get across the different rooms? This is not easy: I came across a quite high difficulty already from the first screen; at least comparing Deus Ex Go with Lara Croft Go and Hitman Go. It stimulates from the beginning.

A small puzzle-packed wonder in a remarkable graphic environment

Deus Ex Go is not a free game, so you have to go through the box to purchase it complete. 4.99 euros at launch, a fairly high price that, in my opinion, does not disappoint once you try it (the Go usually have specific offers). Currently it has more than 50 different levels, developers will add a new puzzle every week, the story captures from the beginning and many of the characteristic elements of the Deus Ex saga are found.

One of those mobile games that adapt perfectly to touch screens without losing an iota of your interest. I found it a great title, at the height of the two previous "Go" installments. Its cost is high, but the entire game is purchased. And you don't need a very powerful mobile as it has three levels of graphics quality. Go get him!