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9 Pro tips for taking better photos with your iPhone

IPhone X XS camera

We pursue perfection, but we want to achieve it from the position that is most comfortable for us. Something like that happens with photography, We always look for our photos to be the best but on many occasions ignoring the effort involved in carrying a large camera with heavy lenses with us. Luckily, and more now with the 11 and 11 Pro, the iPhone is your best ally to get the best photos if you know how to use it as it should. Make the most of the capabilities of your cameras by combining them with your photographic knowledge and ingenuity thanks to these 9 tips for taking photos with your iPhone like a pro.

1 Understand the light

Photography is light, either the presence or absence of itAnd this is why we must understand it and know how to treat it according to how it is presented to us. Before taking a new photograph, take a few seconds to study the lighting of your scene if possible. Does the light come from behind your subject? It comes from a side? Can you move t so that the image comes out better lit? Can your subject move? Can you even move the light? Play with all this to achieve the most correct exposure and take advantage of your environment to make the most of every light source. A white building that reflects the sun can be a perfect reflector to achieve a softer light and a cloud between the sun and your scene can be the ideal softbox to achieve that unique lighting.

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2 Focus on yourself

Despite the fact that the iPhone focuses on what it thinks is convenient once we let it do when we shoot, if you want to achieve more striking scenes and control the focus of attention of your capture s you who controls where you are focusing. Click on the screen where you want the focus of the image to go, look for blurs or small details and shoot. In addition, when pressing to focus at our will, if we slide our finger inside a yellow box that will mark our focus we can compensate the exposure of the image, and make it lighter or darker.

3 Move and look for the best perspective

Lazy photographs rarely succeed in being flashy. When you go to take a photo move, and look for the angle that more accentuates your image and that introduces more context in your scene. The most striking photographs, and something that characterizes professionals, is that they are able to tell stories with a single shot. Treat yourself to the floor, climb onto a chair, approach or stand as needed. In short, do not settle for the photograph you can take in the place where you are, always seek to be able to go a little further.

iPhone camera photos

4 Go out to take photos in rain, bad weather, air, clouds …

Different opportunities come to light under different circumstances. Squeeze the moment and its climate and try to find photographs that are unique for your circumstance. Take advantage of the size and resistance capabilities of your iPhone and go out to take photos in the rain, take advantage of the reflections of puddles or the hoods of cars, take photos of people with umbrellas or capture the movement of the wind in the trees. Let us not limit ourselves, be creative with what the circumstance offers you and train yourself little by little to know how to identify what is best for your photos.

5 Take long-exposure shots at any time

Thanks to Live Photos iPhone offers the ability to create long exposure photos simply by changing the display mode of these. Capture the movement of a car in a Live Photo, see your gallery, open the photo and slide up. Among the different effects it offers, select "Long Exposure" and admire your creation. You can play with this and go out and look for different circumstances in which the movement gives meaning to the photograph.

arctic circle photographed with iPhone 11

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6 Shoot in burst to not miss a second of the action

There are times when what we are photographing happens too quickly, and a millisecond from one photo to another can completely change the shot. Under these circumstances take advantage of the burst mode of the camera and do not waste a single moment. Once shot, select which image is closest to what you wanted to photograph.

“Treat yourself to the floor, climb onto a chair, approach or stand as needed. In short, do not settle for the photograph you can take in the place where you are "

7 Take advantage of all the focal points available to your camera

With up to three different lenses on your iPhone, don't be afraid to use them all. While The wide angle can help you exaggerate a scene and add drama, with the telephoto lens you can compress a photo in which you want to put the subject to photograph with the background. Take a couple of steps backwards or forwards, zoom in and out of your scene to increase these effects produced by each different focal point and create images that are interesting and attractive to the eye.

iPhone 11 pro max camera

8 Use Portrait Mode

Although in its first versions the Portrait Mode created some slightly strange effects by blurring the background of what we photographed, to this day it is a fully functional mode and that can give really incredible results. My advice? Try to use it, as long as you have it, with the telephoto lens of your deviceThis will create that feeling of compression and blur that professional cameras produce.

portrait mode

9 Take advantage of Night Mode

You have read it to us infinite times, but it is really useful. If you have an iPhone 11 or 11 Pro take advantage of Night Mode to achieve incredible captures in low light. Find scenes with contrast, bright lights, hold your breath and shoot. Do you want to get more out of it? Pair your iPhone with a small tripod and a smartphone mount with which to fix it to it and get truly sharp and detailed photos in environments where with an iPhone until now it was not possible.