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19 free online iPhone and iPad games to play with your quarantined friends

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In these moments when we must spend so much time at home, boredom may take over, that's why today we bring you a collection incredible online games that are available on the App Store for both iPhone and iPad.

In all these games you will be able to compete online against other players and in the vast majority of them you will be able to play with your own friends, either by sharing a team or facing them. We have decided to collect 19 games that are available completely free on the App Store and with which you can spend hours entertaining.

The best online games for iOS

Among this collection of 19 titles you have games of all kinds, Battle Royale, sports, carts, puzzles … everything you can think of to spend a good time playing online.

Call of Duty: Mobile

One of the games of the year without a doubt, more than 150 million players all over the world and you can compete against your friends or team up. It is an exclusively online game with many game modes.


The Battle Royale par excellenceYou can thirst play your iPhone or iPad and use an external control to achieve victory, with or against your friends.


The best card game on the App Store With millions of online players every day, a good time to get hooked on this great online game.

Mario Kart Tour

Walk passes of the world without leaving home and competing against other online players with the latest Nintendo game based on the Mario universe.

Scrabble Go!

The classic word game comes to the App Store with a huge number of online game modes against your friends or against thousands of players.


A game that needs no introductionNow you can play with your friends from your iPhone or iPad without leaving home.


One of the funniest card games which you can play from your iPhone or iPad and play with anyone, whether they are friends or strangers.

Fight List 2

An online game in which you must demonstrate your knowledge competing against your friends or other players and determine who knows more words with a certain letter.

MotorSport Manager Online

A new game in which you must take your shield to the highest competing against thousands of players in online races where every detail counts.