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15 mobile games on sale in March 2020

Since we are going to spend many hours at home, it is best to arm yourself with things that entertain us so that those hours pass as quickly as possible. So today we bring you a list of 15 mobile games on sale in March 2020.

All these games are reduced in price or even some have left it at cost 0, so it is good to take advantage of this opportunity and thus have another occupation in these days of confinement due to the coronavirus.

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Fire and water

Image - 15 mobile games on sale in March 2020

Platform game where the protagonists are the fire and water. It has 45 different levels and is reduced from 2.89 euros from normal cost to 1.39 euros which is worth right now.

  1. Download Fire and Water for Android


Dugeon Marker

It is a game where we must protect our territory since many are going to want to invade it. We can build dungeons or hire monsters, among other options.

We have more than 260 monsters and heroes, 160 traps or 240 relics with mystery of power.

It is at a discounted price of 1.99 euros for Android devices and 2.29 euros for those who have iOS as an operating system.

  1. Download Dugeon Marker for Android


  1. Download Dugeon Marker for iOS


RFS- Real Flight Simulator

It is a magnificent flight simulator in high resolution with satellite maps, 3D buildings, procedures and ultra-realistic air traffic, as a possibility to chat with others and even the possibility of multiplayer.

Right now free for both Android and iOS.

  1. Download RFS- Real Flight Simulator for Android


  1. Download RFS- Real Flight Simulator for iOS


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WordMix Pro

WordMix Pro is a very funny word game, with which you can solve crossword puzzles and anagrams that are becoming more complicated each time. It is a highly recommended game to spend these days at home and now more than it is reduced on Google Play to only 0.79 euros.

  1. Download WordMix Pro for Android


League of Stickman 2020

Is a action game in which we fight with other enemies, platform style, but with an original touch since what we see in the game are shadows. Music and effects are very well integrated.

It is now free for both Android and iOS.

  1. Download League of Stickman 2020 for Android


  1. Download League of Stickman 2020 for iOS


Shattered Plane

Turn-based strategy game that has a place in a fantasy world where monsters live and humanity is conquered.

We can be a demigod and lead our armies of creatures to final victory.

While on Android it has been downgraded to 2.99 euros in the Apple Store is 4.99 euros.

  1. Download Shattered Plane for Android


  1. Download Shattered Plane for iOS


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Here we have a game in which we must drag tiles to create a path for gentlemen, where the difficulty is increasing. We will have 70 different levels and thus make the game more and more fun.

For Android it is down to 1.09 euros, while in iOS its price is 0.99 euros.

  1. Download BonVoyage! for Android


  1. Download BonVoyage! for iOS



If you like Horror gamesYou will like Reporter. We will be chased by terrifying creatures from which we must flee while we must find clues to save ourselves.

The story begins in a town where there have been unexplained murders and when we investigate ourselves we are completely surprised by the story.

It is priced at 0.59 euros on Google Play.

  1. Download Reporter for Android


Data Defense

We must defend our server from a series of attacks from technical problems, insects or viruses. We must install defense programs in strategic places to help us. It is a game that has more than 50 different maps, more than 30 different towers with more than 15 unique audio tracks.

It is currently downgraded for Android users to 1.59 euros.

  1. Download Data Defense for Android


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Idle Train Station Tycoon

In this game you are who controls the trains and stations, with the aim of earning a lot of money and growing the business more and more, until we can take it to other countries. Little by little you will grow, but not only your fleet, but also since you will become richer as the game progresses, that is, if you know how to get along.

Right now this game is gratuitous for all users of the Android operating system.

  1. Download Idle Train Station Tycoon for Android


Super God Blade VIP

It's about a spinning battle game with spectacular graphics and really nice effects. As we win we will equip ourselves with stronger abilities.

We can download it on Google Play completely free right now.

  1. Download Super God Blade VIP for Android


Code Adventures: Children's Programming

It is a very well designed game for children where they should be solving situations using logic. It is structured in 5 different categories, where parents and children can have a fun time these days where we have to stay at home.

For Android users the price is reduced to 1.99 euros right now, while those with iOS will pay 3.99 euros.

  1. Download Code Adventures: Kids Programming for Android


  1. Download Code Adventures: Kids Programming for iOS


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Speed ​​Math 2018

Image - 15 mobile games on sale in March 2020

It is a game to solve math games where your response speed is measured. You will only have about 2 seconds to answer and see how far you can go. It's just as stressful as it is fun.

Is now gratuitous for everyone with an Android device.

  1. Download Speed ​​Math 2018 for Android


Let's break things!

If you need break things to take away the burden of days at home, because here you have a game that scores you for how many more things you break. With a slingshot breaker all you can in the 18 levels that this game has totally in 3D.

It has now been downgraded on Google Play to 1.19 euros.

  1. Download Let's Break Things! for Android


Soviet Souls

A platform game with 2D graphics reminiscent of old consoles from a few years ago. You must jump and survive the traps with one of 3 characters that you can manage in its 32 levels.

  1. Download Soviet Souls for Android


In the Play Store is in 1.99 euros.

With these 15 mobile games reduced in price, we hope that you can carry these days as well as possible and do not get too overwhelmed.

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