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15 cool WhatsApp tricks you should use

15 cool WhatsApp tricks you should use

Even in a world that sees new app releases every day, WhatsApp retains its top spot when it comes to messaging services. And besides, it is surely one of the main contenders for the most used application of all time. People love WhatsApp for its reliability and simplicity. Open the application, touch the contact, write the message and press send. That's it, you're done.

However, you will be totally wrong if you think that its simplicity represents a lack of characteristics. It is as complete a feature as any other messaging application. It is good to hide these characteristics with the naked eye. That is what makes it so successful. It acts as a simple tool for new users and yet it has advanced features at a finger's distance, in case you want to use them. We have already covered many of its features in our previous articles, but it is time to write a new one since WhatsApp has added many features since then. Thus, Here are the 15 best WhatsApp tricks you should use on your iPhone or Android smartphone:

1. Apply filters to photos before sending them (only for iPhone)

What better way to start the list than the newest feature besides the WhatsApp app? Unfortunately, right now it's only for iPhone users. Now when you are sending a photo with WhatsApp, you will see a little text that says: "Swipe up to see filters" .

By swiping up, you find a set of filters that you can apply to your photos, like on Instagram. As of this writing, there are only 6 filters available, but they are expected to increase with future updates. Also, now, when you send four or more photos at once, the photos will be sent within an album and therefore they won't hijack your chats like before.

2. Send messages on WhatsApp using the Google Assistant or Siri

Suppose you need to send a message to someone and you don't feel like writing or maybe you are in a situation where writing is not an option, what will you do? Don't worry, my friend, WhatsApp has you covered here. You can send messages on WhatsApp using the voice assistant on your phone and it is compatible with Google Assistant and Siri.

To do that, Android users can say "Ok Google" to start the wizard and say the next sentence, "Send a message to on WhatsApp" . Then ask him to dictate the message. Once you have dictated the message, the wizard will ask you to confirm the delivery of the message. Just say "S" or "Send" to send the message. The procedure is the same for iOS users with the only difference being to call Siri ("Hey Siri") instead of Google Assistant.

3. Enable two-step verification on WhatsApp

Since most of our conversations are done through WhatsApp, it is imperative to protect our data. There are many tips and tricks that we've already covered to help you do it. However, this is a new and a necessary addition to our safety tips. One way someone can steal your chat logs and even monitor your future conversations is to simply log into your account on a different device. Anyone with access to your device, even for a few seconds, could easily do so. Enabling two-step verification will prevent that from happening.

When you enable two-step verification, each time someone tries to log in with your account on another device, in addition to providing the OTP, you will also need to enter a six-digit code configured by you, which prevents them from having access to your account. To enable it, go to WhatsApp Settings> Account> Two-Step Verification . Touch Enable and then it will ask you for a six digit code. Re-enter the code to verify it and enter your email address for backup. That's it, you're done and safer than ever. For more details on two-step verification of WhatsApp, you can consult our detailed article on it.

4. Disable notification previews

Securing your WhatsApp account is one thing, and hiding your messages from prying eyes is another. By default, every time you receive a notification, you can see a preview of the message on the lock screen, and while it's helpful, anyone using your phone can see the previews of your personal messages. To stop the preview function on iPhone, go to WhatsApp settings> Notifications> Show preview and disable it.