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Youtube hashtags take center stage in apps and on the web

One of the tools that has become most popular on social networks is hashtags or tags. It is possibly the best way to categorize content to enable the discovery of new creators.

We have seen them a lot on platforms such as Twitter and lately Instagram did not stop giving it relevance, including them in prominent areas of its exploration section.

Now it is YouTube that decides to put this type of phrases and words in a special place, making it more comfortable to go to content related to what we are seeing.

Hashtags aren't new, but they're important now

It must be made clear that hashtags have been on YouTube for a long time. Every time we upload a video we can put some so that the system understands what type of content we are creating.

The novelty is that from now on we can put them in the description of our video and even in the title, something that perhaps makes reading more difficult, especially if we abuse them.

We will also see them (with a maximum of three) at the top of the videos, giving context to them.

Two ways to use them

To take advantage of a hashtag we can do two things. The first is the obvious one, click on of it and open a new search with related videos that have that hashtag.

The second is search In herself. We can go to the top of the application or the web portal and search for a hashtag. This will give us results that have to do with the topic, but not necessarily that they have the hashtag placed in a visible way. That is, if we search for Samsung, for example, we will find videos of it, but they may not have the #samsung tag in the title or description.

Like any tool, you have rules of use so it is better not to abuse it since YouTube is not usually half-hearted when it comes to penalizing channels.