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Try YouTube Go and download free videos

Many of us like to enjoy streaming content either through audio with services like Spotify, iMusic or through video likeYoutube, which is the undisputed winner in this sector because content creators use this platform for many things from tutorials that can get us out of trouble to the music videos of our favorite artists.

However, the quality of the video is limited to the speed of our connection, so we can enjoy HD videos or higher resolution as long as our network supports it, although this consequently has a greater use of data, something that does not It results in a greater problem if we are in a WiFi network but if it becomes somewhat worrying when we start using our mobile data rate from our operator. That is why there are applications likeSnapTubethat allow you to download YouTube videos and store them on our mobile to be able to view them offline later, an unofficial alternative for users but since approximately 11 months ago, Google was developingYouTube Go, an official YouTube application for countries where the data and network connection is not stable enough.

YouTube GoIt is officially available in the Indonesian PlayStore in beta form but now it is already officially available for Android users in that country, however that does not prevent users who are from other regions from enjoying the features. of this application, of which thevideo downloadand areduced sizeof the application. This application is available atAPKMirrorto download and install it, so go ahead and try it to save on your data rate!

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