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These are the night shots that the Galaxy S20 can take

These are the night shots that the Galaxy S20 can take

Although there is only one day left until the presentation of the Galaxy S20 In the United States, leaks and publications about this and other Samsung launches do not stop. First the firm showed the official commercial of the Galaxy Z Flip during the Oscars, and now the first photographs have been published that demonstrate how to be the photographic quality of the night mode of the Galaxy S20.

A noticeable improvement compared to the previous generation

The person responsible for publishing these photos has been Max Weinbach, who is one of the editors of the popular XDA Developers site. Recall that Max has in his possession a unit of the Galaxy S20, and in fact he was the one who leaked the first images of the phone several weeks ago.

Apparently Max has not resisted the desire to share one of the notable improvements that the new ones will have Galaxy S20, because it has published some results of the night photography of this phone, directly comparing the results with the S10, and boy did Samsung do an excellent job in this section.

They filter all the characteristics of the new Samsung Galaxy S20

Before showing the examples, it is important to mention that the photographs have been taken with a Galaxy S20, so the Galaxy S20 Ultra will probably offer even better results since it will have a superior camera. And, on the other hand, we must not forget that Max's unit is not final, so the software can improve compared to the commercial version that will reach different countries in the coming weeks.

Galaxy S10 (left), Galaxy S20 (right).

The first thing we can notice between the night mode of the S10 and the S20 is that the next Samsung phone is capable of offering much clearer and more detailed results in this type of photography, while we also see a correct white balance. that it does not go to the extreme with the yellow tones as in other phones.

Galaxy S10 (left), Galaxy S20 (right).

While the night mode of the Galaxy S10 It is good, we do not think it is the best on the market today, as brands like Huawei and Google seem to have a better result in this section, however, the improvement we see with the S20 is really greater, so the South Korean firm probably you can beat these two rivals with the S20.

Of course, to give a verdict on this we have to
test the S20 in detail under different conditions, and above all test the
final version of the camera to know how these phones behave in
low light situations, which is one of the elements that distinguish the range
high today.