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The best email apps for Android

email apps android

Every Android-based smart phone manufacturer, like Samsung, Google, LG or Xiaomi, markets their devices with a pre-installed email client by default that you just got used to.

Fortunately, this does not mean that you have to use the application included as standard by default, but that you can configure any other and try the one that best suits your needs and habits.

In fact, Android users play an advantage over Apple's iOS users, as they can choose from a wide variety of email clients available in the Google Play store.

Below, we offer the best apps that you can find on Android terminals, with which you can write, read or manage several mailboxes at the same time and under the same umbrella.

Although some of these applications that we are going to discuss have premium levels, we wanted to focus mainly on what the free versions can offer.

The best email apps for Android

Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is a free and flexible email client that is also effective as a calendar and address book. It looks equally good on both the smart phone and tablet screens, thanks to the two-column view approach.

The app automatically classifies related emails by category and supports simple swipe gestures that can be customized. This feature in can be a great time saver when it comes to large volumes of emails.

Filters and an in-depth search function are highlights that we value positively compared to other solutions discussed here. We also really like that you can compose emails offline and schedule them in time.

Download now from Google Play Store.

Hotmail – Outlook

Contrary to what its name suggests, Microsoft's free email client supports accounts beyond those associated with Hotmail and Outlook. As with many services, setup is simple and fast, requiring only a username and password.

The sorting functions of attachments, favorites or just unread emails are tremendously powerful even when you are managing multiple mailboxes.

It also highlights the content search function and the possibility of applying filters to better track messages. Unfortunately, the free version comes with some small ads banner at the bottom of the screen, but that will be it.

Download now from Google Play Store.