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The best email apps for Android

Every Android-based smart phone manufacturer, like Samsung, Google, LG or Xiaomi, markets their devices with a pre-installed email client by default that you just got used to.

Fortunately, this does not mean that you have to use the application included as standard by default, but that you can configure any other and try the one that best suits your needs and habits.

In fact, Android users play an advantage over Apple's iOS users, as they can choose from a wide variety of email clients available in the Google Play store.

Below, we offer the best apps that you can find on Android terminals, with which you can write, read or manage several mailboxes at the same time and under the same umbrella.

Although some of these applications that we are going to discuss have premium levels, we wanted to focus mainly on what the free versions can offer.

The best email apps for Android

Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is a free and flexible email client that is also effective as a calendar and address book. It looks equally good on both the smart phone and tablet screens, thanks to the two-column view approach.

The app automatically classifies related emails by category and supports simple swipe gestures that can be customized. This feature in can be a great time saver when it comes to large volumes of emails.

Filters and an in-depth search function are highlights that we value positively compared to other solutions discussed here. We also really like that you can compose emails offline and schedule them in time.

Download now from Google Play Store.

Hotmail – Outlook

Contrary to what its name suggests, Microsoft's free email client supports accounts beyond those associated with Hotmail and Outlook. As with many services, setup is simple and fast, requiring only a username and password.

The sorting functions of attachments, favorites or just unread emails are tremendously powerful even when you are managing multiple mailboxes.

It also highlights the content search function and the possibility of applying filters to better track messages. Unfortunately, the free version comes with some small ads banner at the bottom of the screen, but that will be it.

Download now from Google Play Store.

Fair Email

Another email client to keep in mind. In fact, the free version of Fair Email has everything most people are looking for, so upgrading to the version premium It may only make sense to those who handle large volumes of emails.

However, with the basic version you also have access to many of the main functions without paying a penny. There is support for an unlimited number of accounts with up to 10 Mb (including IMAP), while very few permissions are required.

Messages from several accounts can be grouped under the same simple and visual inbox where you can mark new emails as read directly from the status bar, without even having to open them.

For its part, the advanced mode has access with fingerprint authentication, response templates and a replay function. You can also delay sending your own emails with the paid version.

Download now from Google Play Store.

Email Box- Email Client

Despite its simple name, this application is a solid option for most people who want to configure various email providers under the same unit, from GMX to iCloud, Gmail to Yahoo AOL.

Once you have entered your email address and password, an IMAP connection will automatically be established. This allows each individual account to be individually configured, with the ability to add notification sounds.

You can also configure silent alarms and drop-down windows, ensuring that private and professional accounts can be used in the same application without having to change user profiles.

It is possible to customize the signature that you will use in your outgoing emails, such as photos, custom logos, signatures and professional information, while notifications push They mean you won't miss important email from your boss.

Download now from Google Play Store.


This modern email client has it all. Highlights include notifications that can be limited to only highly relevant emails, with a useful replay function.

Category sorting is also advanced, so your emails are archived based on whether you reply to a sender, a group of people, or are managing lists.

The application is also great when it comes to teamwork. Colleagues can be invited to discuss certain issues with emails or message threads, while collaborative writing is possible through the editor offered in real time.

Add to all this the typical customizable swipe gestures and voice commands to manage it, and you will have one of the most advanced mail managers we have found for Android.

Download now from Google Play Store.


The strong point for Tutanota's commercialization lies in the security aspect, since each e-mail sent is automatically encrypted.

There are many other great features, though most of them are reserved for subscribers premium. The basic application offers 1 GB of cloud storage with encrypted data, a single user and a limited search function.

However, paying around 1 te per month gives you access to advantages such as being able to use your own domain or up to five different accounts. If you increase the number to 5 it is possible to get 10 GB of cloud storage and 20 accounts.

Download now from Google Play Store.

Yahoo Mail

Although it is evident that Yahoo Mail had its moment, you should know that now you can use it as a manager without having to associate it with a company account.

In fact, you can log in with any of the most popular emails, with settings largely auto-configured for most accounts. This makes it one of the easiest clients to use.

It still has remarkable features worth talking about. You can customize swipe gestures to achieve specific responses, while deleting or archiving messages is a relatively quick process.

By default, the application will only notify you of important emails, deleting those that come from newsletters, newsletters or mailing lists.

It is also worth noting the integration with services such as Dropbox and Google Drive, so that it allows the connection and quick download of emails.

Download now from Google Play Store.


One of Nine's big draws is its compatibility with Microsoft Exchange accounts, making it an alternative to consider for Outlook users. It is one of the few applications that supports Microsoft accounts, although not Google and Yahoo.

It has another series of interesting features such as the fact that the user interface is very flexible, clearly indicating the mailbox or account that you are handling with a short general description.

It also offers support for fingerprints, although you will not have support for an unlimited number of email accounts. Folder structures can also be modified to your liking. After using it for two weeks, the trial period ends becoming paid.

Download now from Google Play Store.

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