Some; Grocery app, door delivery due to coronavirus

Some; Grocery app, door delivery due to coronavirus

You're hunkered down, keeping your social distance, but damn it, now you have to interact with the delivery person who leaves your food. This in regards to all their coronavirus prevention tactics.

But some delivery companies, after seeing an increase in orders amid panic over COVID-19, the official name for the coronavirus, are helping it avoid contact with a human partner.


The grocery app added an official option of «Drop off at my delivery door» for all clients. At the end of last week, everyone will see the option during checkout and be able to select it. Not the default … yet.

Door delivery

It was developed as a beta version earlier in the grocery app Instacart added an official option for customers who simply were not at home. it was previously developed as a beta version for customers who simply were not at home.

But as the coronavirus spreads throughout the United States. USA With more than 200 registered cases and 11 deaths, there is a new demand for the function. So now everyone can buy food without potentially touching their hands with someone else. It was developed as a beta version earlier in the grocery app Instacart added an official option for customers who simply were not at home.


It is a restaurant delivery app, also added a contactless return option. A post explained:

"Customers can choose to meet their Postmate at the door, as they have before, meet on the sidewalk, or have no contact and drop off at the door." Select what you prefer through the application after placing the order.

The coronavirus was notably absent in the explanation of the new option, although the publication did explain:

"We know that there are always people who, for health and other reasons, might prefer a contactless delivery experience and we believe this will provide customers with that option."

Grubhub CEO

You are aware of concerns about the coronavirus, but the application has not yet modified the delivery options. We communicate to hear more about possible new or changed features.

Uber Eats

It also doesn't have an official contactless contact option in its app, but it does have a delivery notes section for users to inform delivery people to just leave food at the door or in the reception area of ​​the building. The app is trying to direct more people to that feature that has been around for years so that delivery expectations are clear.


about his new plans to add a contactless delivery option for customers and a spokesperson explained:

"The DoorDash Task Force is actively working to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to protect the health and safety of our community in response to the spread of COVID-19, including exploring options with our peer companies to compensate Dashers. affected by the new coronavirus «. DoorDash now owns Caviar, so the food delivery app follows the same policies.

For customers

So far it's been a similar in-app process in apps like Uber Eats. DoorDash said:

“To reduce the risk of transmission, we are reminding our community in affected areas of the delivery instruction feature, allowing food requests to be left at the door along with a photo of where food should be dropped off through the application. »

Instead of the solution using the functions that are already in the app, DoorDash is working to add a contactless delivery function "To be implemented shortly".

And so each time, we are much closer to isolating ourselves from people more and more and not having to interact with anyone.