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Snapseed is updated more than a year later

Android Snapseed photographer

The photographic section on a mobile phone has become one of the most important elements when purchasing a new terminal. There is not much to explain, people have left the compact cameras in the closet of their house and they have left with the mobile to photograph the world. It is true that it still takes some time until the camera of a smartphone reaches the level of a DSLR but honestly, there are people who make incredible compositions with their phone.

Now, after taking a good photograph you also have to work with it. Luckily, you don't need to spend a lot of money on editing software, since both Android and iOS have great tools at very affordable prices and even free. One of the most famous is Snapseed, the Google photo editing app that is one of the most popular not only for being free but also for its infinite possibilities. Now, you just received an update more than a year later. What will it contain?

Snapseed is updated for the first time … since 2018!

Google is one of the most important companies in the world and that is why you can afford to launch many apps and services on the market. Now we all know that the big G does not shake his hand when he has to throw a product or tool in the trash and not a few have been withdrawn for lack of success or for no reason. We are talking about tools like Google+ or Allo.

And the fact that the Mountain View company had not updated Snapseed since 2018 made us fear the worst. Will Google kill one of its most popular apps? Would he let her die slowly and agonizingly? Nothing to see. Today we just found out thanks to Android Police that Snapseed is still alive and who also just received an update.

According to changelogSnapseed version incorporates dark mode … something that has been in the app for a couple of years as well as bug fixes. Although it is unknown what exactly this update brings, the people of Android Police have contacted Google and they have confirmed that they are working on bringing the app an improved RAW edition and support for newer smartphones. In other words, Google has no intention of letting Snapseed die, but rather update with important news, something that will please all those users who use it constantly.

Snapseed has tons of features like blurring, watermarking and more. This is undoubtedly one of the best tools that we can install on our mobile device –Android and iOs– if we like photography, not only because it is completely free but also because it is one of the most complete photo editing tools.

_And you, do you use Snapseed? And if not, what is your favorite photo editing app?

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